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2013 Annual Report
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Frank & Oak
January 2013

2013 was an amazing year. We worked with so many creative people, with the shared goal of helping a generation of men dress and live well.

2013 was humbling too. It takes a lot of dedication to make a small impact. We appreciate every bit of support we get from our members.

Here are some of the stories from our second year in business…

And what a year it has been.

In 2013 Frank & Oak helped tens of thousands of men look their best.

We delivered 14,000 Oxford shirts.

25,000 Chino pants

18,000 Blazers

Frank & Oak is you: our members, our network and our community.

We’re idealistic. We’re social. We’re inspired. Together we’re making great style accessible to a new generation of men.


The Frank & Oak Network is a community that brings together 500 of our most engaged and influential members. Who’s in our network?

Hover on each circle to meet members of our Network.

Welcome to Frank & Oak’s Montreal HQ

We’re housed in one of the Mile End’s iconic garment factories. In recent years, these factories have become vibrant hubs of industry and creativity.

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We Love our Plaid at Frank & Oak

We dress it up, we dress it down. It makes us look rustic and Canadian.

Number of Beards
Number of Plaid Shirts
Number of Beards + Plaid

Our Favorite Mile End Haunts Change with the Season

In winter, we stay warm at Sparrow.
When summer comes, we migrate down the block to Waverly Bar.

Click on the plus symbols to see Frank & Oak at play.

Welcome to the Atelier

The Frank & Oak Atelier opened in November 2013. It’s in the Mile End, right downstairs from our Montreal HQ. Stop by to say hello, mingle with the Frank & Oak community, and get an old-fashioned shave and haircut at our barbershop.

The Atelier

Take a look inside our Montreal Atelier, on the corner of St-Viateur and Casgrain.

The Barbershop

Simon the barber hard at work in the Frank & Oak Atelier.

The Mile End is Montreal’s bagel epicenter. There is fierce competition between Montreal’s two bagel empires:

St-Viateur & Fairmount.

Survey says:

St-Viateur Bagel
Fairmount Bagel
Bagels consumed

3.7% What’s a Bagel?

We Worked with Some Truly Cool People

Meet some of our fascinating collaborators from the last 12 months:

Click on each plus symbol to meet our collaborators.

Integration in Action: The Story of a Belt

We’re fully integrated. This means we handle every stage of our product & business. The benefit: quality at every step, and clothes that are always fresh and affordable.

Follow the story of a Frank & Oak belt – from concept, to design, to stitch, to sale.

4. Sale

We feature the belt in our latest collection online. When ordered, it ships from our Montreal warehouse.

Read about it on the blog

Our members spent 24,194,416
minutes on

The equivalent of 46 human years

How Old is the Frank & Oak Man?

More than half of our visitors are between 25 and 34 years old.

18 - 24
25 - 34
35 - 44
45 - 54
55 - 64
65 +

Our Mission: Make it Ultra Easy
for Men to Dress Well

We’re all about making it ultra easy for men to dress well. Thanks to our new apps for iOS, Android and tablet, members can browse and buy our styles anywhere, any time. More than 20% of our monthly revenue comes from mobile.

Android downloads
iOS downloads

Every Issue has a Soundtrack

With each Frank & Oak issue, we ask a DJ to build the soundtrack to the look. Last year, we posted 19 playlists by 16 DJs from three different continents.

To date, the Frank & Oak playlists have earned more than 260,000 listens.

The Paradise Playlist
The Hood Internet x Frank & Oak
was played more than 70,000 times.

Frank & Oak has just turned two.
But we like to say this is still day one.

Creating cool clothes for men is just the beginning. We are building a brand.

Our vision: to open a collaborative space that inspires men and women to make a positive impact on the world.

Although digital and fashion are our DNA, we are taking Frank & Oak to new places: creating fresh content, building brick and mortar spaces, and sharing new ways to live well.

We have great ideas, and a lot of work to do. Come with us on the journey ahead.