These are the eco-podcasts you need to listen to now
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5 podcasts to inspire eco-living

These are the eco-podcasts you need to listen to now

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Oh cool, another true crime podcast. Uhg. We don’t know about you but we’re a bit bored by these. The xylophone music, the vocal fry, the ad reads for a new meal prep kit company. May we suggest something a bit different from the usual?


Make the most of your commute by downloading a few podcasts that will serve as inspiration for conscious living and working. These are our favourite pods that cover the environment, sustainability, and living consciously.




Ecological Solutions in C Major


Try to remember a high-school science presentation that you were particularly proud of. Did you get really specific with numbers and facts in order to wow your classmates with your scientificness? This is the vibe you will get from Ecological Solution in C Major. Hosted by Ashley Shim, an enthusiastic high school senior from California, Ecological Solution in C Major is probably the most endearing ecological podcast around. Paired with a classical music selection in C major, each episode sheds light on an alarming environmental issue and only lasts about 5 minutesin case you have a brief attention span. Expressing a strong sense of responsibility, Shim closes her show on a bright note with one-step challenges and tips to make this world a greener place. Sadly, there are only five episodes, but it’s still an essential listen.


Recent favourite episode— “Plastic Bottles” offers quick facts on the world’s plastic consumption along with a musical selection from Chopin.


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BBC Costing the Earth


From the brilliant minds at the BBC comes a podcast that examines human effects on the environment and how the environment reacts. Through a vast array of topics, it questions accepted truths, challenges governments and corporations, and reports on the progress we are making together. One of the best ways to live consciously is to arm yourself with knowledge from the experts — Costing the Earth is a great place to start.


Recent favourite episode— “Heat from the deep” explores geothermal drilling. Could it be the start of a clean green constant source of energy?


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Podship Earth


Hosted by Jared Blumenfeld, environmentalist and former regional administrator for the EPA under President Obama, this award-winning podcast helps listeners better engage with life on earth.


Recent favourite episode— “Fire Myths”: With the recent forest fires in California, Podship Earth asks important questions is like is there scientific a basis for forest clearing to prevent fires? Do forests produce more carbon than they absorb? Do forests grow back or should they be logged?


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Conscious Chatter


This podcast looks at the fashion world with an eco lens, discussing the industry, style, and the global garment supply chain. Its host, Kestrel Jenkins has long been an advocate for sustainability and ethical fashion and speaks to a wide variety of guests on a variety of topics from the lack in inclusivity in sustainable fashion and Patagonia’s Worn Wear program.


Recent favourite episode— “Pushing the Sustainable Fashion Conversation with Alden Wicker”: Sustainable fashion journalist Alden Wicker stops by to chat about how she brings sustainable fashion stories to mainstream outlets.  


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Green Dreamer


Green Dreamer does not play around. Hosted by author and Duke-certified health coach Kaméa Chayne, the show often interviews environmental pioneers and thought leaders and discusses how our daily choices can impact public health, humanity, and the wellbeing of our planet.


Recent favourite episode— "Accepting grim realities while maintaining a zest for improving life on earth now with Rob Greenfield”This episode is centred on a conversation with world-renowned adventurer and activist Rob Greenfield who discusses how we can hold onto hope that inspires us even when things seem impossible.


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