Our favourite reusable water bottles to help you reduce single use plastics
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The best reusable water bottles

Our favourite reusable water bottles to help you reduce single use plastics

Words— Frank And Oak staff

With the semi-recent popularity of reusable water bottles, it would be fair to ask when we all got so thirsty. But staying hydrated is important, as is not contributing to waste. More and more of us are turning to reusable water bottles. It's even — dare we say — the must-have accessory. Your mom? For sure she's got her's in the car. Those bros you see at the gym? They're absolutely chugging water from their own personal receptacles. Gary in accounting? Always on his desk.  


Being on trend is great and all but the environmental impact of single-use water bottles in truly astonishing. In Ontario alone, one billion plastic water bottles are sent to landfill every year. 


So if you're not on it yet, think about picking yourself up a reusable. Here are a few of our favourites. 





Mizu Frank And Oak insulated water bottle


At this risk of pumping our own tires, we're including our own branded water bottle here in collaboration with Mizu — makers of slim, versatile bottles with a very slick looking milk bottle-inspired design. 18/8 stainless steel and copper lined for extra insulation to keep your water cold. 





Hydro Flask insulated stainless steel water bottle


This option is a bit pricier but people love it. It keeps your drinks cold and it keeps them cold for a very long time. Some reviewers have reported driving for eight hours and the water still has ice in it. And because it's so well-insulated it doesn't sweat, so you're not ruining any adjacent paper or making coffee-table rings everywhere you go. All that plus it has a nice wide mouth, is BPA-free, and has a lifetime warranty. 






purifyou glass water bottle 


A glass water bottle, while not exactly ideal for the outdoors or carrying around rugged terrain, is ideal for keeping at your desk. While it does feature a touch of outside silicone to protect it (and also acts as a grip), the use of glass is certainly more environmentally friendly than pure plastic and won't make your water taste strange. If that's something you consider, consider glass.






Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Bottle


Remember Nalgene? It’s back...well actually it never really went anywhere. BPA-free with durable Tritan construction that won't dent (like stainless steel), this is the classic Nalgene model— ideal for hiking, camping, really anywhere you want to go. And the wide mouth makes it easy to wash and drink from. There are fancier bottles out there with more bells and whistles but is Travis Scott doing tour merch with any of them? No. The answer is no. 






CamelBak Eddy 25oz bottle (with straw)


You may recognize CamelBak from those large water backpacks your friend who is way too into long-distance running is always carrying around and raving about. But they do normal water vessels as well. The Eddy features a nifty bite valve that means no spills, and for those who like drinking through a straw, but not the harm they do to the environment, the Eddy has you covered there as well. Handy. 






Bonus: WeTap App


So you've got yourself a reusable water bottle. Now if you could just find a place to fill it. WeTap is a free app that helps you find the nearest drinking water fountain. The app uses the world's largest crowd-sourced database of drinking water sources to map these sources. You can add fountains yourself and even report any broken ones you may come across. There might actually be an app for everything. 


Download it here



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