Jams inspired by your favourite jeans
The Handbook / Culture / Frank And Oak Playlist: Music you can dance to (in your blue jeans)

Frank And Oak Playlist: Music you can dance to (in your blue jeans)

Jams inspired by your favourite jeans

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Blue jeans and a crisp tee, you can’t name a more iconic duo.





So much so, it’s literally visual shorthand for “trust us, you’re going to want to keep an eye on this character.” From cooler-than-cool James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause to sage and pragmatic Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption, from bloody and confused Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction to peak neurotic but adorable Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, literally everyone else in just about any Fast & The Furious movies—no matter who it’s on, this combo makes us all sit up a little straighter in our chairs and take notice.


As art imitates life, so does the jean/tee combo translate from the silver screen to the street. It just works. So next time you’re getting ready to go out, throw on this mix as you inevitably fall back on our collective favourite old-faithful pairing—it’ll pump you up while it helps you decide just what combo of denim bottom and short-sleeved cotton top you’ll stun the world with this time. Trust us.


Oh also, since jeans are such a ubiquitous aspect of our personal history, we asked our staff to talk about their favourite jeans. Here is what they have to say:


Sam, graphic designer: "I only have one pair of jeans. They’re black and they’ve got that comfy stretch happening now."


Andrea, creative producer: "A vintage pair of men’s jeans that my mom has patched up twice because I keep busting out of them!! Thanks, mom x"


Suzana, art director: "I love wearing them for days in a row if I want to, I love the iconic uniform aspect they can achieve and I love the creativity that can go into styling them."


Sean, email marketing: " It shouldn’t work. Jeans are literally the worst when it’s hot, they’re uncomfortable as all get-out when wet and do f*ck-all to prevent the chill creeping in in the winter. "


Andre, Seo manager: "Jeans are my go-to clothing staple, they go with anything from casual wear to button-down shirts and a blazer. Currently, my favourite pair of jeans are a fitted straight-leg stretchy pair in faded black, they're are so comfortable it feels like I'm wearing a glove."

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