We went plogging!
The Handbook / Culture / Photo gallery: Our 1st Good Citizen Plogging Run

Photo gallery: Our 1st Good Citizen Plogging Run

We went plogging!

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Photography— Celia Spenard-Ko

With plastic production in the last decade outnumbering the amount produced during the entire last century (and only 9% of it being recycled), it’s imperative that we do our part to keep pollution to a minimum in any way we can.



50 people — 2 hours — 661 pounds of trash and recycling — 62 bags — 1 clean neighbourhood



In that spirit, last week, Frank And Oak employees at our HQ marked Earth Day by “plogging” our way through our neighbourhood—Montreal’s Mile End.


Plogging is a portmanteau for a Swedish trend that combines picking up litter, (“plocka”, or “to pick ”), with jogging. It began as an organized activity to combat the increase of plastic pollution and is considered a trendy workout that benefits both plogger and nature. When you add picking up garbage to running, you’re combining squatting, stretching and lifting with the cardio of jogging. If it takes a fitness trend to get people cleaning up, we're all for it! Why not improve your health and your neighbourhood?


With the help of our friends at Jour de la Terre (Earth Day), over 50 participants braved the cool mid-April temperatures for an eye-opening plog that resulted in 661 pounds and 62 bags of plastic and trash.


Interested in plogging? All it takes is a pair of gloves, a bag, and some running shoes! Have fun!


















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