Playlist: Hurry-up, spring!
The Handbook / Culture / Frank And Oak playlist: We're already thinking about spring

Frank And Oak playlist: We're already thinking about spring

Playlist: Hurry-up, spring!

Words— Frank And Oak staff

While about six months ago we were all looking forward to winter so we could "really start dressing", we think it’s safe to say everyone is done with winter. It's time for some sun! To get ready, we put our heads together and built a playlist of our favourite tunes that remind them of spring and asked a few folks around the office why they chose them.



Ben: "While most of their records have been released in the dead of winter, Vampire Weekend usually evoke warmer weather — in my mind anyway. Their music always makes me think back to road-trips with friends and those balmy days at university. A lot of that has to do with their preppy image, sure, but here they are with their first new song in six years and it's very familiar, yet couldn’t be more different with a gorgeous finger-plucking guitar loop, a very George Micheal “Freedom 90” piano/conga vibe, and even a little bit of Grateful Dead guitar noodling that all builds under Ezra Koening's vocals that shout, "I don't wanna live like this, but I don't wanna die."  Could anything sum up 2019, better?"


Yang: "For me, music has always been a universal language. Intertwining between Japanese and French lyrics, “Langage”, an otherworldly track by French psychedelic rock band Moodoïd and J-pop sensation Wednesday Campanella was a real revelation. Enshrined with an eerie and devilish catchiness, the song captures everything from cool to _bizarre_ derived from the 80’s Japanese synth-pop that I find mesmerizing— slick grooves, future-bass sound, ominous chord progressions, shoegazing outros and cryptical storytelling echoing my own sense of imagination. A truly invigorating experience to awaken all your senses this spring."


Edmund: Music is so personal. Name any universally beloved song and there will a million personal stories attached, which is what makes it so powerful. Spring makes me think of airy spaces and cautious new beginnings. The music I associate with it is the same. Expansive melancholic sounds that have a tinge of reluctant optimism. But I’m not all emo all the time. Sometimes I just wanna hear some bouncy happy tunes. Threw some in there too.”



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