The procrastinator's guide to Mother's Day
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Last minute Mother's Day ideas

The procrastinator's guide to Mother's Day

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Wake up, sleepyhead. It’s Mother’s Day! You got her a gift right? A card? A singing telegram? Something? Okay don’t panic. It’ll be alright. The most valuable thing in the world is time; that's all she really wants from you. So we hope you didn’t plan on spending all day watching YouTube in bed. Get up and get out there! Here’s how to give the mother in your life a lovely day (without her suspecting a thing).




Flower power



Yes she just wants your time, but some flowers would be nice too. Don't be a cheapskate.  It’s a bit late in the game for a delivery but pick some up yourself on the way over and surprise her. We also highly recommend getting her a lovely houseplant or succulent. They last a lot longer and they need motherly attention and care. 


No resos, no problem



She'll always appreciate a nice brunch or dinner. Oh, but those pesky reservations. Don't worry – many of the finest restaurants don’t accept them, so show up a little early and get a table no problem. High tea is also a fine choice. These places usually insist on reservations – but if you can somehow snag a table, it's a great idea. You can take your time and it's more of an experience than a regular restaurant. The slow steeping tea, finger sandwiches, and delightful pasteries are sure to give her the pampering she deserves.



Get cultured



Your mother probably has a whole list of activities she’d love to do with you that you haven't gotten around to checking off the list. Surprise her with a trip to your town's latest museum exhibit, the ballet, the opera, the or the theatre. Maybe she’s been going on about getting into yoga or pilates. Now would be a great opportunity to introduce her to those things. They key is doing anything where it’s just the two of you taking in something new.



Say cheese



What's that thing she's always talking about? A nice photo of her and yourself together (bonus points if you can wrangle any siblings for this on short notice). If you can find a portrait photographer on the day – even better. If not, just find somebody who is competant with a camera and a nice backdrop. Have a few copies printed and have them framed. It seems like nothing – but trust us, she'll love it. 





The magic word




Although Kanye seems to have gone off the rails a bit lately we can condone his recent proclamation that we shouldn’t be afraid to express love. If you haven’t said it in a good while, a heartfelt “I love you” will do more than a pile of roses or a scarf ever could.

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