Milk & Bone's lazy-summer playlist
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Milk & Bone summer playlist

Milk & Bone's lazy-summer playlist

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Our friends Laurence and Camille from Milk & Bone have been touring all summer and they're now gearing up for a hometown show at Montreal's Osheaga festival this weekend. We asked them what they're listening to this summer and, well, this is the result! It's a great listen. We also connected over email from the luxury of their tour bus. Here's what they had to say:



Walk us through your playlist, which tracks are your favourites and why?


They're all songs we really like for a lazy summer day at home. We wanted to curate something you can just pop on and get into a good vibe to.

Our favourites right now are definitely Tove Styrke, Lykke Li and Teyana Taylor. Such an amazing pop in such different ways. We're actually really looking forward to Lykke Li's show at Osheaga. Never seen her live set!

As for all the other songs, we know them by heart and we really think they're worth sharing with you :)


What it feels like to be performing in your hometown in such a massive festival like Osheaga?  We know it's your second time performing at Osheaga but how is it different this time? 


It’s always very special to perform in our hometown. It’s home, it’s where everything started, it’s where people believed in us and pushed us to work harder! Playing in Montreal is always magical and Osheaga is one of our favourite festivals in the world. Even if we don’t play, we attend every year to see shows. The line up is amazing this year and we feel very lucky to be amongst artists we admire. We have a new show that is much more dynamic than the previous tour and we can’t wait to share it with the crowd. There's a lot more freedom in the show than ever before and we want to have fun and connect with the audience!


What's coming up for Milk & Bone? 


So right now we’re playing shows at festivals and in the fall we will be touring in venues quite a bit. We'll be going back to Europe for a little bit in the fall so we can't wait for that.

We’re always writing and working on secret little projects. We want to do more collabs and keep making new music to share with our fans. We can’t talk about everything right now, but stay put :)


Milk & Bone's lazy-summer playlist






Milk & Bone will be playing Osheaga in Montreal this Friday, August 3rd. Their album Deception Bay is available now on Spotify and Apple Music via Bonsound.


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