Our Mother's Day gift guide
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14 perfect and personal Mother's Day gifts

Our Mother's Day gift guide

Words— Frank And Oak staff

We know Mother’s Day should be every day and no distance, no job, no other relationship or circumstance should get in the way of praising the one who brought us up. So let’s just say May 12th is the day we go the extra mile. Here’s a list of ideas to go the distance.





Cropped Bell Sleeve Cardigan in Beige  


Mom has enough on her plate without fussing over what to wear. Enter our Cropped Bell Sleeve Cardigan. This beauty can be thrown over absolutely anything and make mom look effortlessly put together. That’s a gift that keeps on giving.  






Dr. Jart Dermask Soothing Hydra Solution Sheet Mask


There are sheet masks and there are Dr. Jart sheet masks. The latter are made from fine cellulose fibre that frankly feels not of this world. Suitable for all skin types, hypoallergenic and free of parabens, sulphates and phthalates, the Soothing Hydra Solution mask is indeed an excellent solution to help mom recover from the harshness of winter and put her best face forward right in time for spring.






Mizu 20 oz Insulated Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is one of THE most important healthy habits a person can adopt. Water bottles, on the other hand, are one of the worst. Our insulated stainless steel Mizu bottle is 100% BPA free and 100% recyclable, so mom can get the hydration she needs without the harsh vibes.






Palo Santo Smudging Sticks by Luna Sundara


Now that we’re on the topic of harsh vibes, Palo Santo--literally “holy wood” in Spanish--can be used to snuff out all kinds of bad juju. What’s more, Luna Sundara’s Palo Santo sticks are wild harvested, which means they come from trees that have died of natural causes. Once lit, they emit a smooth, uplifting scent that’ll send energy levels to a higher plane.






Abd el Kader Candle 9.5 oz by Cire Trudon by Cire Trudon


As gorgeous as this candle looks, it’s perfume is even more so, but you wouldn’t expect anything less from a candlemaker established in 1643. If you’re going to gift a luxury candle this mother’s day, make it the most luxe. You can then casually let mother know she now has something in common with Louis XIV.






Abeego, The Original Beeswax Food Storage Wrap


Some gifts go beyond the person you are gifting to. This beeswax food storage wrap is just that. Think about it. Instead of using plastic wrap and maybe having a pang of slight guilt creep up every time it’s tossed in the trash, there’s this lovely reusable wrap that can be pulled out every time with a feeling purpose that comes with each use.






Alter Eco Fair Trade Dark Brown Butter


You could go to a fancy chocolatier and splurge on the finest truffles her palate has ever known. But one of the many things mom has taught you is that expensive doesn’t always necessarily mean best. In fact, some of life’s great pleasures come in humble packages. And there is great pleasure to be had savouring Alter Eco chocolate, not only because of the premium ingredients that contribute to a decadent flavour, but also from knowing it’s Fair Trade Certified.






Joseph Joseph Compo Easy-Fill Compost Bin


The general consensus is: compost ain’t cute. But actually, it can be. Or at least how we contain it can.






The Good Cotton Boy Tee


Our Good Cotton Boy Tee is 100% organic cotton, which is ideal for mothers because they deserve tees that are as thoughtful as them. Its easy classic fit means it’ll suit moms of all shapes and sizes.






100 Interiors around the World


Whether mom is interested in interior decor, design, art, travel or all of the above, 100 Interiors Around the World is going to be a pleasure for her to leaf through, maybe even draw a little inspiration from. If getting her a plane ticket isn’t really feasible for you at the moment, this book is the next best thing.






WWAKE Silver Dash Wisp Stud Earrings


WWAKE knows what’s up when it comes to unique and delicate jewelry that shines, but doesn’t outshine the wearer. The Dash Wisp Stud Earrings can even be considered accents for the ear, highlighting its natural shape with the most elegant touch of silver.






FOREO LUNA mini 2 (T-Sonic Facial Cleansing Device)


As it starts to warm up, we’re slowly (finally) spending more time outdoors. Which means until we collectively smarten up and reduce pollution by a sizeable amount, our skin is stuck being exposed to gross air. So until we get there--we will--the FOREO LUNA mini 2 can do the extra legwork, gently yet thoroughly massaging those impurities out.






Solaris Laboratories Rose Quartz Energizing Hair Comb


Because we’re all about good vibes and we believe every part of us and our surroundings are deserving of all the good vibes, here’s something specifically vibey for mom’s hair: a Rose Quartz Energizing Comb from Solaris Laboratories. Rose quartz is reputed to stimulate circulation and balance energy. Plus this comb will look pretty sweet on her nightstand, emanating away as she rests.






The District Small-Heeled Suede Loafer


A pop of colour that’s easy to slip into any day of the week is sometimes all a fit needs to climb that extra peg. Our Portugal-made District Small-Heeled Suede Loafer in rust is neutral enough to go with almost anything, yet eye-catching enough to rival the perennials they’ll brush past along the way.



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