Hear RYAN Playground's heatwave-breaking mix
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RYAN Playground Mixtape

Hear RYAN Playground's heatwave-breaking mix

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Hot enough for ya? Us too. Let's cool it down with our latest Frank And Oak mixtape from Montreal's RYAN Playground. Clocking in just over 45 minutes, this chill mix features the likes of The Range and Jim-E Stack, Gold Panda, and RYAN herself. 



Listen for a whole whack of incredible unreleased tracks from RYAN, including an edit of "Almost Died", a delicate reflection on the intensities that come with relationships. Speaking on the song RYAN explains, "'Almost Died' is about the vulnerability that comes with bonding over shared issues and the intense connections that can result."


While RYAN has been known in her hometown for a while, her debut EP, elle, garnered attention internationally where she revealed her talents for unconventional pop arrangements and introspective songwriting. 


"Every time I make a song I'm just throwing out emotions," she explains. "It's always very personal. I've come to realize that there are always two extremes. I consider myself in a grey zone, but a very nice grey zone. I like trying to appreciate all the nuances in life and accept them. Make the best out of it...I have my dark days like everybody else. But at the end of it all, I'm very optimistic. I'm a dreamer!" 



Photo by Alex Gilbert


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