You’re going to want to pack these things before your next trip
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Our 10 favourite travel essentials

You’re going to want to pack these things before your next trip

Words— Kate Dingwall

Flight delays! Layovers! Questionable hotels! Language barriers! All these things can be burdens of travel. With unpredictable speed bumps in mind, you want the travel accessories you bring with you to ease your stress, not cause it. Think no tangled wires, no dead batteries, and no getting lost (unless that’s how you prefer to explore). To set you on your travels, these essentials will help your trip run smoothly and keep you focused on having fun. Snorer in the seat beside you? Bose has noise cancelling headphones for that. Land in a hotel or Airbnb that definitely doesn’t live up to its online photos? A humidifier will make it feel like home, or, if it’s beyond saving, HotelTonight will point you in the direction of a better place to lay your head. Before packing your passport and hitting the road, we’ve rounded up the top accessories we can’t travel without.




Monocle City Guides

A travel guide shouldn’t merely point you from the direction of the tourist traps and veer you towards a cute cafe or two. Monocle’s guides do a deep dive into what you really need to know when putting your bags down in a new city. Think where to go on your morning run, the quirky hole-in-the-wall design store, the beach only locals know and where to get the best late-night burrito. It’s the guide for those who don’t need a guide.


$15.26-$20.16 CAD




Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Screaming baby in the aisle? Not as dreaded as it sounds when you have a solid pair of headphones to take you anywhere but there. Two noise-cancelling settings are designed to suit your situations. Sitting beside a sixth grade soccer team? Flip on noise-cancelling and focus on the movie you’re watching. Walking the streets with headphones on? Flip to Aware to let in subtle noises around you. Either setting, Active EQ quality speakers will play your music the way it was meant to be heard.


$329 CAD




Away Carry-On

Your college duffle bag can’t hold a candle to Away’s hi-tech travellers. Each bag is equipped to battle any hiccups you may face along the way: An in-bag battery will charge your phone or camera and ejects to get through security safely. A TSA-approved lock and an unbreakable hard-shell exterior will keep all your belongings safe no matter where you land. While this carry-on size is the perfect weekender, a range of larger sizes is available for long-haul trips.


$325 CAD




Leather Backpack

A travel bag doesn’t have to look like you’re headed on a college backpacking trip. Travel well with a backpack that is as stylish as it is practical. Durable leather, sleek construction, and a padded compartment perfect for a laptop make this the perfect accompaniment for the more discerning traveller.  


$199 CAD




Gentlemen’s Hardware Pocket Tool Kit

You never know what kind of curveballs life will throw at you, so you might as well be prepared to face problems in a pinch. The pocket-sized kit contains 14 stainless steel necessities for the big problems (wire strippers, a box opener, file keys) to the small ones (a bottle opener).


$22.95 USD




Aesop Jet Set Kit

Between dry airplanes and long travel days, your grooming regime shouldn’t suffer because of travel-sized limitations. Thankfully, travel-sized products aren’t limited to what you find in your hotel bathroom. For example, luxury skincare brand Aesop crafted their top-selling products into carry-on size packaging, perfect for the guy on the go. 50mL of conditioner, shampoo, body balm, and cleanser will keep you fresh and hydrated flight after flight.


$101.51 CAD




Leather Travel Case

Have you ever reached into your bag and pulled out a harrowing tangle of iPhone cords? Look no further. Tie up all your loose cords and snap them securely in this sleek leather travel case that will roll and fit snugly into any backpack or carry-on. A series of elastic rings and slips are also the perfect home for loose keys, memory cards, earphones and any other small object that can be easily left behind. The durable rustic leather is tough, but will only look better with time.


$38.99 USD




Mini Humidifier

If you’ve never been one to lull to sleep quickly in a new locale, try something that will make the atmosphere feel a little more like home. This mini humidifier packs politely in a carry-on but will fill your hotel room or Airbnb with fresh air. Three different modes can change to add soothing lights or a soft fan.

$24.99 CAD




Hotel Tonight

So your hotel didn’t work out. Whether you decided to stay another night in a new city, your booked hotel didn’t quite live up to how it did online, or if you decided to take a last-minute vacation, you’re stuck without a hotel room. Have you ever wondered what happens to hotel rooms that go unbooked? A large party of them end up on Hotel Tonight - an app that collects unused hotel rooms from across Europe, America, and Australia and sells them at a deep discount. Meaning, if you’re stuck sans hotel room, stop looking for a local hostel - you may just get a deal on a five star for a hefty discount.







Meet your new airport saviour - flight delays, wait times and airport discounts: Flio has it all. The all-encompassing airport app will help track your flight, will direct you to cross-terminal transportation, let you know where the one decent restaurant is, and give you real-time updates on arrival and departure times. For the truly savvy - Flio also offers discounts on lounge passes and coupons for in-terminal dining (think discounts on your coffee fix).




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