Frank And Oak is opening a combo store in downtown Toronto
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Inside our new TEC store

Frank And Oak is opening a combo store in downtown Toronto

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Good news, Toronto—we know how much you loved our old TEC store located at the heart of Canada’s busiest mall, so we decided to give it a modern overhaul with sophisticated and contemporary design while continuing to stand out for one-of-a-kind in-store experience. 


Where is the new TEC store located?


The new store is at 220 Yonge St # 2-117, Toronto, Ontario. It’s located 100’ from the old TEC and occupies 3,000 square feet. 



What will the new store look like?


For the conception of our new location, we’ve partnered up with Montreal-based design and architecture firm Ivystudio to bring your in-store shopping journey to the next level. With a function-driven layout and smart use of storage space, the aim is to create a sensitive and easy-to-navigate environment, supporting each customer’s needs, allowing them to explore and to try out new products with ease. We also paid close attention to details—from window displays to sections dedicated to highlighted products—in the desire to transpose our brand identity and to present merchandise in unique and experiential ways. Come visit us and have a feel of the space firsthand!



What styles can I find there?


Unlike the old TEC, the new store is a combo space, meaning it carries both menswear and womenswear. You will be able to find a vast selection of seasonal styles, ranging from wardrobe essentials (including your favourite denim and shirting options!) to innovative designs catered to every taste and budget. And as always, our products are made from sustainable processes and eco-responsible materials that minimize our footprint. Expect green fabrics such as TENCEL, organic cotton, recycled polyester, SeaCell and repurposed textiles!




Come visit us at 220 Yonge St # 2-117, Toronto, Ontario!

Minimal impact

Since 2017, we’ve significantly increased the percentage of minimal impact products through the careful sourcing and use of eco-conscious materials and methods. And we’re only getting started.