For love and food: An interview with Montreal visual artist Pony
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An interview with our most recent collaborator: Pony

For love and food: An interview with Montreal visual artist Pony

Words— Frank And Oak staff

The holidays are all about love…and food. And these “ugly” holiday sweaters are a celebration of that love (of food). Because those who dine together, stay together. 


To bring this idea to life we approached Montreal visual artist Pony, aka Gabrielle Laïla Tittley, her penchant for pop-culture illustrations that combine clever modern references and the neurotically endearing was the perfect fit. We had a quick chat with her about her work and this cheerfully ridiculous collaboration.





Tell us a little bit about your journey as an artist. How did you start and how did you get where you are today artistically. 

My journey is one of trial and error. Given that I didn't study in the arts or in business, I made a bunch of beautiful mistakes driven by passion, a willingness to be free and making people smile. 


Before this Frank And Oak collection, you’ve worked with other fashion brands and even have your own products! What is it that makes fashion interesting to you?

I think clothing is just an other canvas. I see it as a very democratic way of sharing art and ideas. People use fashion to define their selves and I feel blessed that some people choose to express who they are through my creations. 


What are your thoughts on art’s relationship to fashion?

I think some fashion is art. 


How did the idea for these sweater designs come about? 

Well, Frank And Oak approched me with the idea that they wanted to make ''ugly sweaters'' I loved the idea. It just feels right to create designs with the intention to make people smile and let go of the super deep meaning of it all (that is, most of the time, part of my process). These sweaters are just funny cute jokes.


What’s your process? How do you work and what’s the secret to having a successful productive day?

I'll tell you when I know. Meanwhile I mostly follow my gut feeling. 


How are your biggest inspirations/artistic heroes?

My anxiety. 

Everyone who broke my heart. 

Kanye West. 



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