5 ways Style Plan can help with your 2019 resolutions
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How to make 2019 your most stylish year yet

5 ways Style Plan can help with your 2019 resolutions

Maybe you’re feeling that whole New Year, New Me thing in a big way this year, or maybe you just look in your closet and think, wow I hate everything in here—either way, the appetite for a closet refresh is genuine.


With Style Plan as part of your revitalized wardrobe, you’ll receive new clothes on a regular basis that are on trend, versatile, and will make you feel great.




Dress more sustainably



The decisions made in the fashion industry have a huge impact on people and the planet. That’s why we offer more sustainable products that make use of eco-friendly fabrics and production methods throughout our supply chain. The result? A subscription box that sends you stylish clothes with substance.



Step outside your comfort zone




You may have thought a personal stylist was reserved for the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, but Style Plan makes it possible to reap the benefits of professional stylist picks. Our stylists, along with a hand from our cutting-edge AI, fine-tune their recommendations for each customer, so every box is personalized with unique items just for you.


Spend less time shopping




Remember when going to the mall was exciting as a kid? Today—not so much. The crowds, the parking, the food court pretzels. With Style Plan you can get exactly what you want from the comfort of your own home.


Try something new




The easiest way to refresh your look is by incorporating new wardrobe options to your closet often and consistently. Every monthly box from Style Plan affords you a new look that will pair easily with items you already own, so you always feel like you have a fresh style that’s anything but boring. Everything from small accessories like a new cap to a new pair of shoes will inspire you to create new outfit ideas that are fresh and unexpected.

Spend less money on clothing




If tacky athletes and celebrities have taught us anything it’s that spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on clothes does not guarantee on-point style. The combined wisdom of our stylists and the fact that you save up to 20% off the retail price on every order with free shipping and return, means great style is a few clicks and a few dollars away.




What is Style Plan?




Our stylists pick out what you need based on your personal style.


Members pricing

Save up to 20% on every order with free shipping and returns.



Try on from the comfort of your home. Keep only what you love.



How Style Plan works




1. Fill out a short style survey

Let us know your size, style and we’ll take it from there.


2. Style box preview

We show you a preview of what’s inside your box before we ship. From there you can confirm, customize or skip the month. Shipping is always free.


3. Try on at home risk-free

Try on everything at home and only keep what you love with free returns. Need a break? No problem. Skip a month or cancel anytime.


Looking to try Style Plan yourself? We've made it easy to get started with a quick style survey.



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