It starts with dressing well despite a busy lifestyle
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6 Reasons Why Women Love Style Plan

It starts with dressing well despite a busy lifestyle

The goal here at Frank And Oak is to help you dress well and feel great despite your inevitably busy lifestyle. Whether you love or hate shopping for new threads, most will agree that finding the time and patience to hit the mall or start scrolling through an online store can be challenging.


With Style Plan in your arsenal, you’ll always have fresh pieces when you need them -- whether that means building up your personal capsule collection or shifting your wardrobe for a new season. Here, a handful of reasons why women love using Style Plan -- from the practical to the sartorial savvy.



There are more eco-friendly and sustainable options




How we shop for clothes these days is more important than ever -- and with more of an emphasis placed on making responsible, conscious choices, stepping away from mass-produced, fast fashion is arguably one of the best things we can do for the environment.



It’s entirely personalized to your own style and needs




We want to look good -- and we know what we like. Signing up to Style Plan takes the stress of shopping out of the equation by narrowing down your options to the styles that suit your personal aesthetic.



There are always stylists available to listen to your feedback




You’re not just dealing with an algorithm or an AI. We have real stylists on staff to help you along the way. If your items are not exactly aligned with your personal style, our stylists are happy to take notes and adjust your selection for next time.



It’s adaptable to fit any budget




Whether you’re looking for a few basics or you want to overhaul your wardrobe entirely, our styles range from $29-$149 so you can spend as much -- or as little -- as you need during a given month.



It’s way convenient for a busy lifestyle




Honestly, there’s nothing worse than trying on apparel in a store. How many times have you sauntered from boutique to boutique, trying on handfuls of clothing only to realize nothing fits? It’s an unnecessary hassle and that’s why we love the ability to slowly try curated items on in the comfort of home.



You always have the final say




If you don’t like a single item in your curation -- doubtful, but let’s just say it happens -- you always have the final say before your box is shipped out. This means you won’t have any questionable surprises once your items arrive at your door.


Looking to try it yourself? We made it easy to get started with a quick style survey. Try Style Plan.





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