She really likes Style Plan
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And now, a very enthusiastic letter from a happy Style Plan subscriber

She really likes Style Plan

Words— Debora — a very satisfied Style Plan subscriber

We're always getting great feedback about Style Plan, but this from Debora in NYC really stood out. We thought we'd share! 


I f*cking love you guys (excuse my French!). I am probably the most nitpicky, tricky, complicated, and moany shopper that has ever existed. I hate shopping with a passion. I am never satisfied with anything entirely and can always find one little detail I dislike. There are just so many things that could be wrong: the style, the colour, the pattern, the look. But then also: the material, the feeling of how it wears, how it falls, how soft or sturdy or nice or comforting the item is. There's also the matter of if it was made ethically and with organic materials and not pure plastic that makes your hair fly and electrocutes your hands when you touch it. 


Honestly, I'm a very haptic person and it just has to FEEL good. You know, this feeling of OMG I want to be naked in this item with my entire skin because it feels so lovely and nice and wonderful, and quality and like a million dollars on me. 





That good feeling is very rare when you go shopping. Finding quality materials that are affordable and look pretty? So, so rare. Which is probably why in the last couple of years I've turned to mainly wearing yoga pants and t-shirts at home.


And then I looked at my wardrobe and realized: You have bought about 70 pairs of leggings and sweatpants in the past year, but not a single REAL item that you can wear outside/to work/in real life. This became into an issue because all of my old items started falling apart. Literally. 





So I started am odyssey to change all this — which meant walking into stores again to find out what "the cool kids wear these days". And I realised that everything was either outrageously expensive, or shit quality, or both combined. Mainly the latter. 


As I became more and more frustrated, I decided to look into those subscription boxes. This should be easy enough, I thought. I just tell the company that I want and they will put something together that looks good enough, and I don't have to worry anymore. OH BOY, was I wrong.


I returned every single item after realizing: Dreadful materials, awful fits (I might not have a model body, but come on, guys!), disgusting styles and colours and patterns and so on. 


I tried a bunch of those services, for a few boxes each, only to get disappointed EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So I gave up for a while. 


Until I found you guys.





And I started this little secret love affair with your Instagram account. And I thought: These bitches look COOL. I would totally wanna look like that. Arty and cultured, but also beautiful and just the right amount of feminine without looking like a Barbie doll, but more like a classy-chic woman that totally knows what she wants, but in a cultured way.


Eventually was so fed up with wearing sweatpants all day I ordered your box — got VERY nervous — and then BOOM. I was blown away.


Everything that I got in that first box FELT SO NICE. Everything feels quality and sturdy and decent and just ADORABLE. It also looked so nice. Like a cool stylish artist who loves hanging out at a jazz bar discussing philosophy and that latest photo exhibition over a glass of rye kinda stylish. Like I would fall in love with myself if I could see me wearing Frank And Oak in the open. 


Honestly. I truly loved every single piece. 





I've already referred two people and honestly it's only been Month 2! When people start complimenting me on the beautiful stuff I'm wearing and my eyes turned heart shaped and I rave about the organic ethically sourced materials, the colour palettes, the wonderful design — that's when everyone wants me to stop and show them immediately. 


I love you guys so much that I'm ordering halfway through the months in between my boxes to not miss out on all the adorable items you got, even though this means basically my entire salary will go to you and I will run into a wardrobe space problem prettyyyy soon (oh helllo, tiny NYC apartments). 





But you know what, I don't even care because everything you do is so perfect. And your moral conduct behind it all is so wonderful. Ethical and organic and good for the planet and all that! 


And you know what — while writing this ridiculously long love letter, opened your website to read a bit about your backstory and now I love you guys even more. You are also an inclusive, human rights friendly, diverse, and extremely wonderful employer? Gosh. If your brand was a person, I'd ask them to marry me right now. 


Aaaaaanyway. I just wanted to tell you all of the above because I think you are the best clothing brand that ever existed, and that means something coming from someone so grumpy about clothes like me. 


All the best, 







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