Is a subscription clothing box right for you?
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Every type of man who needs a subscription box

Is a subscription clothing box right for you?


There are tons of reasons to turn to clothing subscription box services, so it’s not hard to imagine who could benefit from one. With their affordability and accessibility, subscription services like Style Plan have received praise from men across various lifestyles.


From the busy dad to the man who just hates shopping (hey, I feel you), men are taking charge of their wardrobe and aren’t afraid to take advantage of the best tools to help.



The man looking for his style 




When it comes to updating your look, few men know where to begin and rarely consider hiring a professional stylist that will quite likely cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, clothing box services now offer a more affordable solution to men who are looking for a style update. Let me tell you that one of my favourite things about Style Plan is how it allows me to try new items I would never have even considered trying on. With a box curated by real stylists, you’ll be forced to try new things and that’s really the only way to get a new look! 



The workaholic




For many professionals, figuring out what to wear for the office can feel like a job unto itself. Categories of workwear ranging from business formal to business casual can easily leave you feeling lost in the wardrobe department and then, you still have to get dressed for the weekend. Style Plan helps working professionals navigate those clothing categories by sending a curated box of clothing designed to fit their lifestyle. That takes the guessing work out of shopping, while offering an accessible and time-friendly solution to shopping for today’s modern professional.



The busy dad




Besides helping men build a curated wardrobe that’s true to their style, subscription box services like Style Plan were designed to make your life easier by saving you time. Busy dads praise Style Plan for giving them access to the products they need quickly and conveniently. With Style Plan, busy dads can count on receiving a box every month with items they can try on at home and easily return. What’s more, it’s an easy way to care for yourself without feeling guilty, when you’re often too busy caring for your little one instead.



The man who hates shopping




Many men hate the hassle of shopping for clothes at malls and boutique stores. Not only does the industry offer few choices in the men’s department, figuring out what trends to try and which ones to throw out the window can be a challenge. Fortunately, if you want fashionable clothes without going to the mall, Style Plan could be the answer for you. With a clothing subscription box, you don’t have to sort through dozens of racks, but instead, benefit from stylist-recommended products that you can try on from the comfort of your home. Now doesn’t that sound lovely!



The man on a budget




If soaring condo prices and vacation plans have you going over your budget twice, your wardrobe might be the first thing you start to neglect. One of the easiest ways to stick to a clothing budget is with a subscription service. While it can be hard to assess just how much all those mall items will rack up to at the cash, with style plan it’s easy to see just how much you’re spending and to adjust for your budget. Style Plan also takes into account how much you’re willing to spend on items like footwear and workwear, so you never have to feel guilty about spending on clothes.







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