The Handbook / / Frank And Oak denim: Why everyone will be talking about our new women’s jeans

Frank And Oak denim: Why everyone will be talking about our new women’s jeans

Frank And Oak denim: Why everyone will be talking about our new women’s jeans

Words— Frank And Oak staff

It’s time you met your perfect denim match. Launching on August 16th, we’re introducing our largest and most dynamic denim collection yet featuring sustainable Hydro-less technology, organic Good Cotton and Dynamic Stretch fibres in a variety of fits and washes.


On select washes, we've used organic cotton which reduces the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and builds biologically diverse agriculture. Sounds great, right? We've also used an eco-certified facility in Dubai that specializes in sustainable denim production to implement a new, innovative, eco-friendly approach to making denim. This new Hydro-less process uses an astounding:


Up to 95% less water

On average, a single pair of jeans uses 42 litres of water. Our supplier uses nano-bubble and Ozone-wash technologies to conserve up to 95% less water as compared to standard practices.


Up to 79% less energy

Less water equals less time, equals far less energy used. Plus with their commitment to renewable energy, Hydro-Less has reduced its energy usage by nearly 80%.


Up to 50% fewer chemicals

Our supplier uses the latest in low impact chemicals, paired with its innovative methods, it reduces chemical use by up to 50% against standard practices.


It's blue jeans gone green.



Intrigued? Watch our teaser for a sneak peak of what's to come:



Arriving August 16th



Even though we’ve probably already said too much, we’re keeping the rest under wraps until the launch on August 16th - but we’re expecting this to be our most talked about denim launch yet. Due to the expected demand, we want you to be well-equipped to be one of the first to snag a pair before they sell out. Join our waitlist today and be the first to be notified as soon as the collection launches online and in store.




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