Getting the most out of your Style Plan Box
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Style Plan's biggest benefits

Getting the most out of your Style Plan Box

From the beginning, our goal has always been simple: to help you to dress well, while simultaneously taking the pain out of shopping for new clothes. Since then, we’ve evolved beyond simply stress-free shopping -- here, all the ways to reap the tangible benefits from receiving your Style Plan box.



Find Your Personal Style




Having your own personal stylist used to be a luxury largely reserved for the one percent. However, we believe that working with a professional to narrow down your personal style should be accessible to everyone. Take advantage of this service by providing feedback to our stylists while listening to the selection they think will work for you. You may be surprised by how much you love wearing something new -- and if not, you can always send your garments back to us.





Ensure Outfits for Every Occasion




Stress shopping for a special occasion is no good for anyone. We suggest taking advantage of your Style Plan box to stay ahead of everything from wedding season to family reunions. Leave a note for your stylist and they’ll ensure your next box is stocked full of options to keep you looking sharp at your next event, and beyond -- without having to stress about finding something last minute and never wearing it again.





Create Your Own Capsule Collection




Creating a personal capsule collection is one of the best things you can to for your wardrobe (and for the environment as well). When you pare down your wardrobe to just the essentials that you love, everything sartorial becomes simplified: you always know what to wear, and it becomes clear very quickly when there’s a gap in your wardrobe. We’re here to make creating that initial collection easy and painless. Our stylist’s goal is to set you up with as many outfit pairings as possible, and it will continue to build and grow as you progress with the Style Plan. All you have to do is clean your current wardrobe of unused garments and get ready for a simple (and stylish) wardrobe upgrade that will make getting ready easier than ever.





Keep Your Clothes for Years, Not Seasons



With a pared-down capsule collection, outfits for all occasions and a better understanding of your personal style, you won’t feel the need to run out and refresh your wardrobe with every passing season. When you stop relying on trends -- and the fast fashion that comes along with them -- you’ll be able to hang onto your garments for years. We pride ourselves on our sustainable, high-quality textiles, which will hold up through all of your messiest adventures.





Our Purpose

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