New grads are making it clear that Style Plan is the subscription box for them.
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10 Reasons Why Recent Grads are Turning to Style Plan

New grads are making it clear that Style Plan is the subscription box for them.

Words— Jennifer Braun

There’s a subscription box for every lifestyle and new grads are making it clear that Style Plan is the one for them.


Graduation marks a new chapter and it’s one that’s full of much-needed change for many graduates. Whether it’s for a wardrobe update or the need for a convenient service to match their new lifestyle, there are tons of reasons why new grads are opting for Style Plan.





Because they want to be interview/job-ready





You scored the interview or the job, and now you want to look the part. Style Plan offers a complete wardrobe with essentials that are perfect to take you through your workday on top of stylist recommendations, which is why so many new grads choose it as their clothing subscription of choice.



Because they’re busier than ever

Student life is busy and the real world, even busier. Enter, Style Plan. New grads agree that the added convenience of a clothing subscription service helps them save time in the wardrobe department, so they can focus on what’s really important in their lives.





Because it works with their new grad budget




No matter if you found a job straight out of university or are currently on the job hunt, Style Plan promises to work within your budget. While many subscription box services are a standard monthly fee, the exact cost of a Style Plan box can vary from month to month to match any style preferences and budget. What’s more, subscribers can benefit from member pricing, which includes up to 20% off regular store prices, and free standard shipping on all Style Plan orders. Keep only what you love, and send back the rest for free too!



Because they’re ready for a change

Upon graduation, many people are looking for a little change. Fortunately, with Style Plan, it’s never been easier to update your look and instill some newest in your life. Sometimes a little wardrobe update is all we need to hit refresh!



Because they care about sustainability




Recent grads have sustainability top of mind, so it’s no surprise they turn to Style Plan when Frank And Oak is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. Frank And Oak priorities the use of recycled and organic fabrics in its collections so you can shop styles that have a minimal impact including organic cotton tees and hydro-less denim.





Because they want the personalized wardrobe advice

You may have graduated, but you’re still no style expert⁠—we get it! New grads are open to wardrobe advice and recommendations, and Style Plan offers an accessible solution. With Style Plan, real stylists curate your box of clothing each month after reviewing your style wants and needs, so you’re sure to always receive the best personalized wardrobe advice.



Because they also need to be weekend ready




Being a graduate isn’t all work and no play though, so it’s only understandable that a graduate needs a clothing subscription service that works for both. Style Plan offers clothes for all your lifestyles! Count on it for both your weekend wardrobe and your nine to five needs.



Because confidence is everything

With personalized wardrobe advice from real stylists and a selection of clothing for all your lifestyles, graduates can feel confident to tackle their new goals and ambitions thanks to Style Plan. Feel good about your clothing choices, because confidence really is everything.





Because they can shop at anytime




New grads are looking for convenience and that includes the ability to shop for the items they need when they need them. Part retailer, part subscription service, Style Plan members can continuously shop for the items they need online or in-store, as needed.



Because they want to succeed

Finally, they’re willing to put all the odds in their favour and there’s no doubt that a killer wardrobe can set you up on the road to success. Worry less about what you’re wearing and more on your skillset with a clothing subscription service like Style Plan.



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