Style Plan: The stress-free way to shop
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How Style Plan takes the hassle out of shopping

Style Plan: The stress-free way to shop

Words— Kaitlyn McInnis

We all know that shopping for new clothes is necessary -- but the hassle and headache of finding the time and heading to the mall is (finally!) a thing of the past. Style Plan makes it dead easy to ensure you’ve always got something to wear—and more importantly, that you always look great, even if you don’t think you’re necessarily on the pulse of current fashion.


If you find yourself dreading the idea of shopping for new clothes, you may want to listen up. Here’s how Style Plan ensures you’ll remain dressed well, and, more importantly, totally stress-free.




Online shopping made easy




Sure, online shopping has made picking up essentials easier than ever -- but when it comes to clothing, it can be daunting to hit add to cart with confidence. With Style Plan, we offer an exclusive members-only discount and the comfort of free shipping and free returns. This means you can take a risk and try out new styles without worrying about being stuck with garments you don’t actually like or won’t wear.




Delivered to your door



Who has time to head to the mall and spend hours searching for a new pair of jeans or an office-appropriate shirt? Thanks to Style Plan, you can count on a box being delivered straight to your door as frequently (or infrequently) as you may need. All you have to do is wait for your curated box preview, approve your picks, and wait for your new threads to make their way to you.




Meet your personal stylist 



We believe that everyone could use a personal stylist and that’s exactly why Style Plan’s algorithm was built to help you choose clothes that suit your style. The algorithm gets to know your taste over time and customizes your picks just as good as your very own personal stylist would.




Low-impact, clear conscious 



Most fast fashion brands these days barely take the environment into consideration when producing trendy, seasonal clothing. We believe that whatever your price range is, you should be able to look good while feeling good about your purchases -- and that means using high quality, sustainably sourced, low-impact material for all of our garments. Because of this, you can expect your new clothes to last longer, and have a much smaller impact on the environment.




No more guessing your size 



The one thing online shopping fails at is making sure your clothes fit right. We make sure your garments fit right by laying out our sizes in a transparent, easy-to-measure fashion. All you have to do is enter your height, weight and age, and we’ll calculate your “true fit” size and take the guessing out of the equation.


Our Purpose

Designed in Canada. Made for good living. We’re dedicated to providing you with purposefully designed products, made ethically and sustainably.