Mavis, our AI shopping assistant works its magic
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Meet Mavis, our AI shopping assistant

Mavis, our AI shopping assistant works its magic

Words— Frank And Oak staff

With our Style Plan, Frank And Oak’s monthly clothing subscription box, it has never been easier to refresh your wardrobe and update your style efficiently, and in a budget-friendly way.


But, we won’t lie. It takes a big team and a lot of hard work to make sure we get every monthly subscription box just right with Style Plan. But it also takes a little something extra. That’s where Mavis comes in.



Meet Mavis



Our AI shopping assistant, Mavis, uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to share personalized style recommendations sourced from our always-current collections. With a small amount of input from you, Mavis chooses the best styles for your box (with a little help from our real-life stylists and product managers keeping an eye on things for quality control). And that’s just the beginning. Stylists and a complex algorithm join forces to bring you monthly recommendations based on: your personal profile, past purchases and returns, past feedback, and availability.


Each customer is unique and so is each Style Plan box. Here’s how we make it happen.





How it works




1. Let us know what you like


As soon as you sign up for Style Plan, we want to get to know you. We ask important questions about what you like and what type of occasions you need to dress for. What’s more, style preferences like your favourite colours, prints, and occasions are considered, so you know we’ll get it right. (If you're already a member, don't worry — Mavis is already on it, no need for a second survey.) We don’t just want to know your size, but your true style wants and needs. The amount you want to spend also comes into play. We won’t ship you $300 of new clothing if you only want to spend $100.


2. Mavis works its magic


You give us your preferences, Mavis gives you responses. Cognitive learning and predictive analytics are a huge part of today’s modern shopping experience. With Mavis, our aim is to find styles expertly catered to your style tastes and budget (without being too predictable or uninspiring).


3. More Mavis, more accuracy


Much like humans, Mavis learns from experience. The more you interact with Mavis, the more accurate your future style recommendations. In short, you’ll get more of what you want.





Don't take our word for it





What is Style Plan






Mavis and our team of real-life stylists pick out what you need based on your personal style profile. It’s shopping made easy.


Members pricing

Style Plan helps you save up to 20% on every order with free shipping and returns.



Style Plan makes it easy to try and discover new styles from the comfort of your new home. Keep only what you love.





How Style Plan works




1. Fill out a short style survey

Let us know your size, style and we’ll take it from there.


2. Style box preview

We show you a preview of what’s inside your box before we ship. From there you can confirm, customize, or skip the month. Shipping is always free.


3. Try on at home risk-free

Try on everything at home and only keep what you love with free returns. Need a break? No problem. Skip a month or cancel anytime.




Looking to try Style Plan yourself? We've made it easy to get started with a quick style survey.

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