All the things you could do with the time Style Plan saves you
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Save time with Style Plan

All the things you could do with the time Style Plan saves you

Being an adult is overall pretty great. A solid 8.5/10, most days. You have the freedom to hang out with who you want, eat what you’re craving, and go wherever your heart desires. Unfortunately, being an adult also means doing things you don’t like: vacuuming, responding to emails that could have been answered with a quick Google search, and shopping for clothes.  


Style Plan fixes one of those things. Frank and Oak’s monthly clothing subscription box delivers up-to 3 items that fit your style and budget right to your doorstep every month. Each piece is chosen by our stylists based on your preferences — keeping you looking great without the shopping you hate, and freeing up your schedule to do what you love.


Can’t picture all the things you could with the time and money you’ll save with Style Plan? We've got you. Keep reading for some imagination inspiration.


1. Try art (…emphasis on “try”)




Always wanted to learn the guitar? Or, maybe instead of taking selfies you begin to paint self-portraits? Adult colouring books? The possibilities for your passions are endless. Style Plan is delivered to you monthly for free (with free returns too), which will save you tons of time and money to pursue your creative vision.


2. Trip out




The time you spent going to the mall can now be used to explore places you actually want to go. Maybe it’s that new bookstore or cafe in your neighbourhood. Or, maybe it’s a far-flung jaunt to New Guinea, New Zealand or… New Jersey? Whatever your vacay vibe, you’ll be able to save up for a trip — Style Plan items are priced between $29 and $149, and you get up-to 20% off as a member. Cue: travel ‘grams.


3. Get up on your downward dog




For some, yoga and the gym can be like sword-swallowing — one of those things that you understand and respect people doing, but frankly looks too painful. Maybe becoming a total health nut is ambitious, but at least you’ll have the time to reach your fitness #goals with Style Plan. Your new body will look its greatest in the latest trends; unlike other clothing subscription boxes, our stylists only send our top styles and never anything from the sales rack.


4. Actually get a hobby




DJ bar mitzvahs. Needlepoint that’s on-point. Editing Wikipedia pages. (Yeah, that’s really something people do.) Hobbies can be tricky to fit into a busy schedule. Since you don’t have to waste time browsing stores anymore, you can find one that works for you. Much like your future hobby, you have total control over Style Plan — you can always preview and customize your box to ensure every item fits your style and budget, and can skip a month or cancel your subscription any time without a fee.


5. Culture your cultured side




Instead of going to the mall, now you can do the museum. Or, discover international cinema or read some of the great classics — taking in some local theatre is a mood, too. After you become all worldly and stuff, you’ll probably want to protect the planet. It’s a good thing Frank and Oak is committed to clothing that’s ethically sourced and sustainably made. Think: hydro-less denim, organic-grown cotton, and recycled fibres and packaging.


What is Style Plan?





Our stylists pick out what you need based on your personal style.


Members pricing

Save up to 20% on every order with free shipping and returns.



Try on from the comfort of your home. Keep only what you love.



How Style Plan works




1. Fill out a short style survey

Let us know your size, style and we’ll take it from there.


2. Style box preview

We show you a preview of what’s inside your box before we ship. From there you can confirm, customize or skip the month. Shipping is always free.


3. Try on at home risk-free

Try on everything at home and only keep what you love with free returns. Need a break? No problem. Skip a month or cancel anytime.


Looking to try Style Plan yourself? We've made it easy to get started with a quick style survey.


Our purpose

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