Your most common questions about Style Plan, answered
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Style Plan: Common Questions Answered

Your most common questions about Style Plan, answered

Words— Jennifer Braun

Considering all the buzz around subscription clothing box services, there is no doubt that you have considered giving Style Plan a try. The subscription service has been praised for being budget-friendly, a total time saver and just overall helpful in the wardrobe department.


Is now the time for you to up your style game and finally give Style Plan a try? Find the answers below to our most common Style Plan questions to find out!




Is Style Plan expensive?

With Style Plan, you’re in control of your budget, so you never feel like you’re overspending. Your box can contain up to 3 items ranging from $29 to $149. Ultimately, you pay for the items you want to keep and you can send back the rest for free. If you don’t want anything in your box, you’ll simply be charged a $25 styling fee.  


How is my box personalized?

Every Style Plan box is personalized for our members based on their style preferences. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to fill out a short survey that includes questions about sizing, budget, and your style needs. With that information, our stylists will be able to build the ideal box just for you.





Can I pick my own products?

With Style Plan, you always get the final say. Our stylists will build a box for you every month, but keep an eye on your emails for the chance to customize the selection. You’ll get an email 48 hours before your box is ready to ship to make any final request or even skip the month’s box altogether.


Do I have to get a box every month?

Style Plan is here to respond to your style needs month after month, but we understand that you don’t always need a style refresh. That’s why you can always skip a box, even several months in a row, and you won’t be charged any monthly fees.


Are there shipping charges?

Style Plan is one of the few subscription services that doesn’t charge any shipping fees. Free standard shipping is offered on all Style Plan orders. Members can also benefit from free shipping at all times in our online store.





What happens if I don’t like the products in my box?

We only want you to keep the items you truly love and want to wear. For that reason, you’re under no obligation to keep any or all of the items in your box. Keep only the items you love and send back the rest for free, but keep in mind that you’ll be charged the $25 styling fee if you choose not to keep anything.


I’ve already purchased from Frank And Oak, can I still sign up?

Absolutely! You’ve already purchased from us and now you should live the full experience by becoming a Style Plan member. Just sign in to your account and head to the subscription tab to complete your style survey to get your first box.


Do you offer any discounts?

Style Plan members benefit from exclusive member pricing as long as they are signed up. As a member, you get up to 20% off regular price items both online and in-store at any time so you can continuously shop for the items you need when you need them.  





Can I shop in store?

Frank And Oak is home to over 20 brick & mortar store locations, so you can get up close and personal with our products at any time. You can equally use your member discount in store, so you’re always saving. It’s only online however, that you can benefit from Style Plan recommendations and confirm your customized box.


Do you offer extended sizing?

We don’t currently offer products in extended sizes, but we’re working hard to offer a more diversified size run in the near future. Subscribe to the Frank And Oak newsletter and follow us on social media to stay in the know!



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