Why Style Plan is the perfect gateway monthly clothing subscription box
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Why Style Plan is the perfect gateway monthly clothing subscription box

Why Style Plan is the perfect gateway monthly clothing subscription box

Ignoring the obvious red flags and swiping left, street meat in an exotic country, binge-streaming a new series — part of the fun of curiosity is the risk. Spoiler alert: if you’ve been wondering about trying a subscription box, Frank And Oak’s Style Plan is all gain and no pain. Worry not though, thrill-seekers, we promise it’s still plenty of fun.


If you hate shopping but love looking put-together, monthly clothing subscription boxes are more than a trend — they’re your new best friend. With Style Plan, all you have to do is fill out our quick style quiz, sign up and then Frank And Oak’s stylists will send you up to 3 of our top items tailored to your taste and budget. Every. Single. Month. Say ‘yes’ to no more malls, no more headaches and no more wardrobe boredom.


Curious about Style Plan? Keep reading to see why it’s the perfect first monthly clothing subscription box for you to try.





1. Free shipping, less shopping




With our subscription box, get up to 3 of Frank And Oak’s top styles delivered to your doorstep every month (with free shipping). That means more time and money to do what you love, without the shopping you hate. Tried something on, but not crazy about it? Returns are free, too.  



2. Look bougie on any budget




Every Style Plan subscription box is packed with premium styles and quality, with prices ranging from $29 to $149 per item. We believe a killer wardrobe shouldn’t murder your wallet, which is why you pay up up to 20% percent less than the usual retail price. No, it’s not too good to be true. Yes, you can look on-point and on-trend while staying on-budget — all with no monthly fee.




3. Improved quality, impactful values




We know you want a subscription box that’s great value — and reflects your values, too. That’s why Frank And Oak has invested in quality and sustainability, without raising our prices dramatically. Our clothing is designed in Canada and manufactured with ethically sourced materials and practices throughout our supply chain like hydro-less denim, organic-grown cotton, and recycled fibres and packaging.




4. Only the best




When it comes to subscription boxes, we want your first time to be the best time. With Style Plan, our stylists will send you up to 3 on-trend items every month — including new styles, exclusive products, and limited editions. Pure #OOTD goodness, never from the sales rack.




5. The reviews are (w)in



People are talking about Style Plan. Small humblebrag, but our monthly clothing subscription box has rave reviews in Buzzfeed, InStyle, AskMen, and Forbes. Plus, Frank And Oak itself has also won awards from Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards, Deloitte, and Fast Company.




6. Your style, your way




You’re in total control with Style Plan — including customization and approval of items in your box before we send it. If you don’t love what you see, skip the month without a fee and you can cancel your subscription anytime. We have a feeling you’ll be sticking around for a while though.





What is Style Plan?





Our stylists pick out what you need based on your personal style.

Members pricing

Save up to 20% on every order with free shipping and returns.



Try on from the comfort of your home. Keep only what you love.




How Style Plan works




  1. Fill out a short style survey

Let us know your size, style and budget preferences and we’ll take it from there.


  1. Style box preview

We show you a preview of what’s inside your box before we ship. From there you can confirm, customize or skip the month. Shipping is always free.


  1. Try on at home risk-free

Try on everything at home and only keep what you love with free returns. Need a break? No problem. Skip a month or cancel anytime.


Our Purpose

Designed in Canada. Made for good living. We’re dedicated to providing you with purposefully designed products, made ethically and sustainably.