I tried Style Plan and here are a few of my favourite things
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Style Plan—a review

I tried Style Plan and here are a few of my favourite things

Words— Jennifer Braun

As someone who works, lives and breathes fashion, it was only a matter of time before I jumped on the subscription box bandwagon.


Unlike some who might turn to subscription clothing services because they hate shopping or need help sticking to a budget, I was instead eager to try Style Plan to see if it would help me make more thoughtful purchasing decisions.


While I never feel the need to forgo a trip to the mall, I have embraced a new “buy less, buy better” philosophy, which has turned me off from trend pieces and mass clothing consumption altogether.


I received my first Style Plan box this month and I only wish I would have tried it sooner. Here’s the gist of what I loved about Style Plan!



My favourite favourite favourite thing




After signing up to Style Plan, I was asked to fill out a short survey with my style preferences. A couple of days later, my box was ready to be previewed where about 12 stylist-chosen pieces were recommended (3 of which were already pre-selected).


Before subscribing, I, of course, browsed Frank And Oak’s website and to my surprise, none of the items I had my eye on were recommended to me – but that was my favourite thing about Style Plan! Receiving stylist-chosen pieces forced me to try items I wasn’t even considering and they were bang on!


Instead of the colourful shorts, I was hoping to receive (old habits die hard), I received a grey oversized blazer, a black short-sleeve blouse and a pair of black skinny jeans. These items perfectly embraced the type of classic style I’m slowly trying to obtain and will serve as closet staples for many seasons to come.



My favourite favourite thing




Style Plan made it easy to find pieces I love and allowed me to refresh my wardrobe hassle-free. I have a closet full of clothes, but I often crave a sense of newness and will find myself running to the mall for a fresh item. My box from Style Plan must have helped me satisfy that craving because my Saturday afternoons have not been spent perusing dozens of racks, or trying on clothes.


In fact, getting ready for girl’s night was a breeze! I had my new oversized blazer that I could not wait to wear and I was easily able to style it with other items I already had in my closet, as well as with my new skinny jeans. This has also helped me keep my spending and clothing consumption in check. Do I still crave newness? I sure do! But I know I have another Style Plan box arriving shortly, which is keeping me away from mindless shopping.



My favourite thing




While in the moment I always enjoy a day of mindless spending, I can quickly suffer from buyer regret and feel guilty about my purchases afterwards. With Style Plan, however, I didn’t feel guilty when I received my box, but instead, I felt rather overjoyed. Receiving a box really does feel like Christmas! Frank And Oak’s simple and clean-cut designs are created around timeless wardrobe staples that make me feel good about owning them.


The service is also built to give you all the freedom in the world to get comfortable with your new pieces. I knew what was coming before I opened my box and had the proper amount of time to comfortably try on items at home and really assess if the items were right for my wardrobe. Now, I feel more at peace with my clothing spending and I’m just really excited to receive my next box!


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