Gentlemen, get great style, without the shopping.
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The only subscription box where you have total control

Gentlemen, get great style, without the shopping.

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Since we first launched Frank And Oak back in 2012, we’ve always wanted to help people dress better and take the headache out of shopping for new clothes. That’s where Style Plan comes in – our easy monthly style subscription box that does the work but gives you the final say.



How it works




Fill out a short style survey


Let us know your sizes, style tastes, and budget preferences and our stylists paired with a robust algorithm will take it from there and only improve the more frequently you place orders and send feedback.


Preview your monthly box


Shortly after, you’ll be sent a preview of what’s inside your upcoming Style Plan box. We start with 3 items based on your profile and order history (if any). From there you’ll be able to customize your order using additional choices provided if you so choose. Not interested in anything in a particular month? Skip it all together at no charge and check back next time.



Try on at home (risk-free!)


Boom – you’ve picked the styles you wanted and confirmed your box. Your box will arrive at your door (or - let’s be real - your office’s reception desk) for you to try it all on. Not sure about an item or two? Send them back with free returns.


Looking to try it yourself? We made it easy to get started with a quick style survey.


The perks




On-point recommendations


No more endless scrolling, humming or hawing. Our stylists pick out exactly what you need based on your personal style and budget. Quick and easy it’s just another thing you can check off your list.


Members save up to 20%


Every Style Plan member gets exclusive savings of up to 20% off the regular price with free shipping and free returns. Including up to 20% off the regular site. Saving money is stylish.



It’s totally risk-free


That free shipping and free return policy? That makes Style Plan totally risk free. We ship you what you want, but if it turns out it’s just not you – you can send it back and it didn’t cost you a thing.*


*No monthly fee. You only get charged a $25 styling fee if you return all the items in your box.



What people are saying



“For the quality of their clothes and expert curation, Frank And Oak is definitely worth the moola. Case closed.”

- Buzzfeed


“I love that Style Plan selects styles based on what I like for me to choose from. There’s no surprises and less sending stuff back.”

- Alia, Richmond, VA


“The brand excels at providing attractive and affordable items that any man would find extremely hard to dislike.”

- Business Insider


Looking to try it yourself? We made it easy to get started with a quick style survey.



Frank And Oak styles – Imagined for real life.




We begin our design process by thinking about our customer and their real life. What do people want to wear and what are they wearing it for? From this simple question, our goal is to combine classic styles, modern cuts and innovative materials to produce style we truly get excited about.



Our methods – Ethically sourced. Sustainably made.




All of our garments are produced by certified manufacturing partners here and across the globe . Our goal is to use sustainable fabrics and sustainable practices throughout our supply chain to make stylish clothes with substance. But this is just the start; we continue to seek out improved methods and materials every day.

Looking to try it yourself? We made it easy to get started with a quick style survey.

Our purpose

Designed in Canada. Made for good living. We’re dedicated to providing you with purposefully designed products, made ethically and sustainably.