Frank And Oak's style plan is the Netflix of clothing...but is it binge-worthy?
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The Netflix of Clothing

Frank And Oak's style plan is the Netflix of clothing...but is it binge-worthy?

We’re all glued to Netflix for a reason—it’s easy to use, it’s engaging, and there are always fun, personalized surprises once the algorithm starts to do its thing. If you’re big into surfing Netflix (and honestly who isn’t these days), you may want to consider swapping the way you shop...


We’ve been called “the Netflix of Clothing” quite often lately -- and, well, you can see why:



1. Netflix has a free trial… so do we




Okay so, it's not completely free for the first month. But it is risk-free. At this point, you’re probably long past your Netflix trial, but the concept is a great way to deep dive and get to know a service before fully committing. Style Plan emulates that idea—so you can browse your custom box and try it for the first time completely risk-free.


2. Netflix has an algorithm to get to know your preferences… so do we




How great is the “because you watched…” lists that Netflix pulls together for us? What about the personalized “match score” that predicts whether or not a show is for you? The Netflix algorithm saves so much endless scrolling time so you can get to the good stuff faster -- and Style Plan works the same way. As we get to know your sartorial preferences, you’ll notice your boxes become more and more personalized and to your unique taste as you go so you won’t have to scroll through pages of clothing to get to what you like.



3. Netflix makes their own exclusive content, we make our own clothing




There’s something so exciting about a new Netflix Original drop -- whether it’s a Noah Centineo teen rom-com or a cult classic revival, we’ve all come to know and trust the quality of a good original. The contents of your Style Plan box are no different: we’re proud to make our own clothing, and in fact, we like to think our seasonal releases are just as exciting as a new original.



4. How we go beyond Netflix




Don’t get us wrong, we love Netflix, but unlike everyone’s favourite streaming service, our Style Plan moves past pushing content, we’re here to ensure your shopping experience is top notch -- from our flexible stylists to our readily available customer service experts.





1. You can customize your own selection


Don’t like what our stylists have put together for you? There’s nothing wrong with saying no to every single garment and requesting a fresh curation to better suit your style.



2. There’s no monthly fee and you can skip any time


We don’t do fees -- and we’re not too keen on monthly commitment either. Unlike Netflix, if you feel your wardrobe is at capacity on a given month, just skip your box (at no charge) and come back when you need some fresh items.



3. Our products are sustainable


We pride ourselves on our ability to keep you well dressed, without causing unnecessary harm to the planet. Our clothes require less water to produce, are crafted from sustainably sourced textiles and are built to last years -- so this is one subscription you can really feel good about.



4. Our customer service is accessible and friendly


Encounter a problem? Our customer service agents are real people (no AI here!) and are available to chat with you right on site. They’ll walk you through any issues while ensuring your experience is enjoyable -- and convenient -- from start to finish.



Looking to try Style Plan yourself? We've made it easy to get started with a quick style survey.



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