Ever wonder what it’s really like to use Style Plan?
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What it's like to order Style Plan

Ever wonder what it’s really like to use Style Plan?

Words— Kaitlyn McInnis

Ever wonder what it’s really like to use Style Plan? When my friends at Frank And Oak asked me to put it to the test, I was immediately intrigued. I get so overwhelmed when I step into a shopping mall and tend to neglect my wardrobe because of it—which oftentimes leaves me stress shopping when I realize I’m down to one pair of jeans or without formal attire for an upcoming event.


Could Style Plan really alleviate my shopping issues? I was about to find out.



How it works





  1. First off, you need to make an account online. This is fast, easy, and actually, kind of fun to do. You fill out your basic information like (your clothing and shoe size) and then you go through a series of style scenarios like which patterns you’d love to wear and which ones you never would. I personally learned a lot about my own style and what I like as a whole.


  1. Then, you sit patiently while your stylist curates your first box. For me, this took a few weeks. I got an email saying my box was almost ready and a few days later I was able to pop onto the website and check out what they put together for me.


  1. Once you’ve approved or rejected your box, it ships out and within a few days, it’ll arrive at your door. Even though I knew what was in my box already, it felt like my birthday when I finally got to open it up and see what was inside. I loved all of my garments, but if you don’t, you have seven days to return or exchange anything in your box.


  1. In a month, you’ll receive another email from Frank And Oak prompting you to check out your next box. If you don’t need clothing that frequently, you can easily skip as many months as you need.



What I received




The Debbie High-Waisted Hydro-less Skinny Jean in Black


Finding the perfect pair of high-waisted skinny jeans is not easy. I’ve tried on endless amounts of jeans trying to replace the pair I ripped a few months ago and was never satisfied. I was so excited when I received this pair of skinnies, which fit perfectly. I was even more excited when I realized they’re hydro-less, which means they took up to 95% less water to produce than the other, ill-fitting jeans I was trying on last month.





Short-Sleeved Blouse in True Black


I would describe my style as very… uniform. I know what I like and I don’t like to stray very far from it -- that includes colour and silhouette. When this short-sleeved blouse arrived, I was a bit nervous because of it’s peplum shape, but the flared shape was actually much more subtle. I wore this to a friend’s birthday party the day I received it and was met with a ton of compliments!





Textured Viscose Button-Up Tee in True Black


Like I mentioned above, I’m the first to admit that I have a uniform style, so I was completely surprised that my stylist figured me out so quickly. I find myself constantly ordering basic shirts from other similar-priced brands and returning all of them because they just don’t suit my style. That was not the case with this textured viscose button-up tee. It’s basically the summer variation of what I’ve been wearing all winter and I’m so relieved to have it now that my heavier cotton tees have started making their way to the back of my closet.




The pros





  • I love the ease and convenience of having basics shipped right to my apartment. I travel a lot for work and don’t have time to mess around at the mall. With Style Plan, I can confirm or edit my box on the fly and know there will be clothes waiting for me when I get home.


  • The “true fit” sizing calculator pretty much guarantees that items will fit the way you want them. I found each garment I ordered fit perfectly so I didn’t have to worry about returning anything for my first box.


  • My clothing budget is pretty modest and I usually shop at fast fashion retailers just because it’s easier -- but my guilty conscious flares up every time a garment shrinks or gets ratty prematurely. I love that with Style Plan I can count on my clothes being sustainably made and high quality. I see myself holding onto these pieces for years to come -- which is good news for landfills, where clothing waste is a huge issue.


  • I love that you can preview your box before it gets sent out. I’ve tried other clothing subscription services where it’s a total surprise -- and I didn’t love any item. This way makes more sense for both the stylists and the consumer. It results in fewer returns and really makes you feel like they’re getting to know your personal style with each box.



The cons





  • While Style Plan offers free returns, you have to send items to be returned within a week after receiving your box. Even though I didn’t have to return anything this box, I worry about receiving boxes while travelling and not getting home in time to exchange sizes or return garments.


  • If you’re extremely picky with your wardrobe, it may take more than one go to get a box preview that you really love. I only wear black and had to skip my first box option entirely. That said, I added a note explaining why I didn’t take anything and my next box option consisted exclusively of black garments.


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