6 reasons why guys are loving Style Plan
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Why guys prefer Style Plan when it comes to monthly subscription boxes

6 reasons why guys are loving Style Plan

Subscription boxes are seemingly everywhere. We’ve laid out the top reasons our customers prefer Style Plan by Frank And Oak when it comes to sorting out their closet.



Since we first flicked the switch on our website back in 2012, our goal has been to help people dress better and take the headache out of clothes shopping. It started with small monthly collections of men’s shirts and has expanded to include high-quality, designed-in-Canada styles for men and women. The styles are top, but we also want to make shopping easy. That’s why we created Style Plan–a monthly clothing subscription box tailored to your tastes. Here’s just a few reasons why people are choosing Style Plan.



1. You can skip the mall




Remember when going to the mall was exciting as a kid? Today - not so much. The crowds, the parking, the food court pretzels. With Style Plan you can get exactly what you want from the comfort of your own home.



2. We send you the best styles




Your hunt for the best stuff is over. Some subscription boxes send you their leftovers. Style Plan sends you only the best Frank And Oak styles (Oxford shirts, tees, hoodies) and only the stuff you want. Thank us later.



3. Improved quality




We’ve invested in quality and sustainability with only certified ethical suppliers and factories, including many eco-friendly fabrics and processes. The best part is that we’ve made this leap in quality without raising our prices dramatically.



4. The price is right




For as low as $35 a month we’ll ship you a fresh box of on-trend styles straight to your door. Who says you need to be spending hundreds of dollars to get on-point style? Style Plan subscribers also save up to 20% off the retail price on every order with free shipping and returns.



5. We’ve got rave reviews



Style Plan has had loads of positive reviews by the likes of Buzzfeed, InStyle, AskMen, and Forbes. Frank And Oak itself has also won awards from Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards, Deloitte, and Fast Company.


6. You’re in total control




Style Plan boxes won’t include anything you don’t like. Style Plan does the work for you, but you’ll have the final say with a final customization of your box before we ship it. Don’t see anything to your liking? Just skip the month. Had enough? You can cancel Style Plan at any time. We do the work but you’re totally in control.


Looking to try it yourself? We made it easy to get started with a quick style survey.


Our Purpose

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