The case for re-wearing your party dress
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How to wear that party dress again

The case for re-wearing your party dress

Words— Mylène Genty

There’s a misconception within fashion that serves absolutely nobody: the idea that you cannot wear something twice. This idea has become all the more prevalent now with the constant recording of our everyday lives: you might be less likely to wear that dress because it feels overseen, as per your Instagram grid. It’s particularly true for dresses, perhaps because it’s often the piece that gathers the most attention.  


With the holidays coming up, you’re probably on the hunt for the ultimate party dress, and chances are, you’re not going to wear it past December 31st. Why not? The one thing we learned from the state of fashion in 2018 is that we must be strategic and not give in to our impulses. Know yourself! Are you gonna wear the shiny statement dress past the holidays? If not, perhaps a more timeless piece will make more sense in the long run. We believe in garments we can cherish over time, not get tired of after a season.


If you’re worried about people’s perceptions, take this as an excuse to get creative with your dress. It’ll only gather more respect and validate your uniqueness. This season, opt for a piece that’ll stand the test of time - you’ll see how fulfilling it can be to really be creative.





Be versatile


Still disturbed by the idea of pairing of pants with a dress? Don’t fret, we’re not taking the 00’s fashion back just yet. The blazer dress gets a pass when it comes to matching it with pants. You can obviously open said dress, using it as a blazer. Support the look with formal pieces like a tailored pant and a turtleneck and you’ll have yourself a look that’s as good for 9 to 5 than for a mid-week party.





Let the dress steal the show


The easiest way to style a dress is to let it shine. A minimal amount of accessories is required here, but get be sure to get yourself a pair of shoes that’ll elongate your silhouette and that either matches or contrasts the overall look. An ankle boot is just the right pick for a classy party, but if you want to spice things up, nothing’s stopping you from picking a pair of combat boots.





Dress it down


This one is the ultimate proof that reusing doesn’t signify a lack of resources. A dress is often loaded with femininity, so in order to shake things up, just add a few contrasting elements to the mix. Why not a beanie and a pair of sneakers? These are not the usual accessories but it’ll give the dress a new personality.





Dress it up


By that we mean: layer it with a piece that’s equally chic so that the dress no longer remain the center of attention. A clever accessorization - with a bow or ingenious jewelry will testify of your ability to reinvent yourself.


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