How to wear 2019's colour of the year
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Move over Millennial Pink...Coral is here

How to wear 2019's colour of the year

Words— Mylène Genty

Pantone - the global authority on colour - just revealed the star of the year: Coral. We must say: we couldn't be more approving. Although Pantone gets credits for accurately predicting trends on a massive scale, the past two years have let us down. Ultra-violet? Greenery? Even unofficial colour trend of Gen-Z Yellow—these are shades that never managed to dethrone the now infamous millennial pink—one reason being that they’re not universally suitable.


But this year, this year is the first time in three years we can see a potential rival to millennial pink: Coral. A colour that resides between red and orange without evoking as much intensity. It’s reassuring yet dynamic. The effervescence of it exudes a sense of hopefulness and invites optimism. The team of Pantone Color Institute said it best: it’s "an animating and life-affirming hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.’’ With the encroachment of social media in our life, Pantone thought it right to divert ourselves from our blue screens and turn to the warmth of coral. According to them, the sunny nature of this hue "welcomes" and "encourages" lighthearted activities, enabling connection and intimacy.





How is a colour elected? The team behind the Color Institute goes through a deep analysis process to select the winning colour. First: fashion. The committee will attend fashion weeks around the globe to get the pulse of what’s ahead. They’ll also observe patterns in the field of new technologies, socioeconomic conditions, art, music, travel, and of course, social media.


Thankfully, this year’s choice appears flattering one all skin tones. Because it can sometimes fall under on the pink side, it becomes an even less intimidating option. Here’s how to incorporate it our day to day wear.



With light grey




Because grey is such a discreet colour, any bright colour will automatically be enhanced if mixed with it. We’re thinking a grey tailored pant or blazer, for a well-balanced combination of business and casual.



With navy blue




This is simple math: orange and blue and complementary colours, so mixing coral t-shirt and a pair of denim is a great way to drag attention - in a pleasing way.



With earth tones




Because coral can be quite bright, pairing a top with a blazer in earthy tones is ideal for a more low-key approach. If you’re feeling hesitant, just go progressively with accessories like a pair of socks, a scarf or a bag to brighten up the months ahead.


If after all that you’re still a skeptic, just give it some time. Once you start seeing the colour being interpreted in new ways, you’ll surely be inspired to give it a try and put your personal twist to it.



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