3 looks for January: Healing teal
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What to wear this January

3 looks for January: Healing teal

Words— Ben Kriz

We’re not going to apologize for getting a little hippy-dippy on you guys; with January as a month of new beginnings and possibilities, calming colours like teal and turquoise are extremely our vibe. From a colour psychology perspective, these colours are known to represent openness, emotional balance and control, and connecting with oneself. In these anxiety-fraught times, what could be better?


Turquoise is also presumed to enhance the ability to focus and concentrate while emitting calming, invigorating feelings. People who like this colour are said to be reliable and independent individuals who are naturally creative.


Okay so all this probably isn’t going to come from a single piece of clothing, but perhaps donning these colours will put you in the right mindset to get things done and achieve some balance.


Here are 3 ways to radiate positive vibes this month.


Nouveau grunge




Teenage angst has paid off well; now I’m bored and old, once mused a 26-year-old Kurt Cobain. Ah yes, as time is a flat circle—grunge is, according to fashion people anyway, “back” (for about the fourth time). Now one plaid shirt does not a fashion trend make, but for the tastefully wasted aesthetic of the early-90s (but in striking 2019 colours and eco-friendly materials) pop a plaid overshirt over a vibrant yet soothing teal hoodie, pair with dark trousers and you’ll be king of modern grunge.  



Chill tracky




The name is fitting. Bringing out the full two-piece tracksuit is often as big a power move as breaking out a full real suit. From European football hooligans to members of the Sopranos, the tracksuit emits both a laidback, laissez-faire vibe, but also a ready-for-anything attitude. It’s also supremely comfortable. This one is made of 100% crinkle nylon: a lightweight, textured, retro-inspired sportswear fabric.

Paired with a refined wool crewneck sweater, you’re ready for chill weekend hangouts.


The colour block is hot




Pack up all frivolities and excess and leave them in 2018; simplicity is the key to success in 2019. A classic crewneck tee, a button-down shirt, simple trousers, and maybe a dad hat to cover your dome. Spice things up slightly with a little bit of colour-blocking, but otherwise be confident that simplicity will have you looking and feeling good when you leave the house.

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