Hipster Daniel Day, tasteful Jeff Goldblum: Our favourite celebrity outfits of 2018
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The best celebrity menswear fits of 2018

Hipster Daniel Day, tasteful Jeff Goldblum: Our favourite celebrity outfits of 2018

Words— Marc Richardson

As with our year-end sneaker list, the devil is in the rules for our selection of the best celebrity menswear fits of 2018. For starters, who is a celebrity? Well, we’re going with the “you know one when you see one” rule. The one important caveat is that they mustn’t be from within the fashion industry—so, for example, Virgil Abloh would not be eligible for inclusion. Also important is that, for actors, outfits worn on set are not eligible, which means that this absolutely smashing grey three-piece worn by Shia LaBoeuf could not be considered, since it was worn on the set of The Tax Collector, due out in 2019.


There are names that one would surely expect to see here — Jonah Hill made the cut, what a surprise! — and others that, well, may be surprising.

Tyler, The Creator — January 29, 2018



Tyler, The Creator proved that you don’t have to wear a tux to be the best dressed at a red carpet event. The rapper turned up at the Grammy’s wearing a baby blue coat— Supreme x Loro Piana, no less—, a T-shirt from his GOLF brand, cropped black trousers, and a simple pair of Converse.


The accessories were what truly made Tyler stand out though, as he sported a traditional Russian ushanka and a Louis Vuitton scarf that matched the Supreme x Loro Piana coat — somehow he managed to make the LV monogram not look tacky. And, for good measure, under the ushanka, Tyler had dyed his hair into a leopard motif.


It was an exquisite ‘fit, though one not for the faint of heart. Being well-dressed is as much about looking at ease and Tyler, The Creator certainly looked comfortable in his outfit — we have to respect the commitment.

A$AP Rocky — September 20, 2018



We debated whether A$AP Rocky’s Prada’d out ‘fit was eligible— after all, this was part of a Prada’s campaign. But, this being 2018, the campaign was predicated on “user-generated content”, in this case, generated by a celebrity wearing gifted Prada. Anyways, clearly, we decided that it was eligible.


Pulling off the neon green Linea Rossa jacket would’ve been hard enough, but Rocky matched it with the pants, while also tossing in the blue Cloud Busters!!! Still, it could’ve gone awry, but Rocky’s nonchalance, posing on a playground as if he were just casually wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, makes this truly special. It’s no big deal for him to be absolutely dipped in Prada.


Is it your traditional outfit? No. But these lists are supposed to offer aspirational looks and what’s more aspirational than some head-to-toe Prada drip? Nothing.

John Mayer — November 23, 2018



This seems like an apt place to slot in John Mayer’s entry from the evening of November 23rd, nestled between A$AP Rocky’s Prada outfit and Kanye West’s slides. Why? Because Mayer combined both the white-on-white Nike ACG tracksuit and a pair of fashion slides.


Is it the type of outfit you’d wear out to supper? Absolutely not. But is it pretty much the best casualwear outfit you could put together to hang out in a Los Angeles-area mansion with your wealthy friends? Yes, yes it is.

Kanye West — August 18, 2018



“It’s the Japanese way.” That was Kanye’s defence for wearing YEEZY slides that were way too small to 2 Chainz wedding. We’ve all sacrificed comfort for style at some point in our lives — and if you haven’t, maybe you should.


Size of the slides notwithstanding, Kanye wearing a taupe single button double-breasted suit bare-chested with grey socks and slides was a glorious moment. It was very different from what we’ve come to expect from Kanye — or anybody for that matter.


He later went on to explain his outfit and boldly claim that we’ll look back on his too-small slides and suit as one of the most influential outfits he’s ever worn. Time will tell Kanye, time will tell. 


Jonah Hill — May 6, 2018



We’ve already discussed Jonah Hill’s standing as a fashion icon within contemporary menswear. Our conclusion? Not a style icon, more of a style avatar. The man wears what he likes, with little regard for what anybody else thinks; in fact, he doesn’t even use a stylist!


In the last year of Jonah fetishism, many of his outfits have captured the millennial male imagination — but which was the best of the bunch? While his pink hair, tie-dye, shorts and neon-accented adidas Sambas look was definitely a strong look, we’re partial to his white pants, Lithuanian tie-dye T-shirt, Polo ball cap and white leather loafers look. It was a whole lot of white, but when you’re wearing an aggressive tie-dye T-shirt, sometimes white is the perfect palette cleanser.


Jonah Hill in streetwear, is there anything more 2018?

Daniel Day-Lewis — December 4, 2018



On December 4th, 2018, we were blessed with a late entry for celebrity outfit of the year — in fact, it was the outfit that spawned this list. Daniel Day-Lewis, revered method actor, stepped out and sat in a park wearing what amounts to the zenith of hipster dressing (that's a compliment!).


Beige work pants, a cream Carhartt jacket with a popped collar, a navy blue and black work shirt, a white T-shirt and a navy beanie. Day-Lewis was dressed like he’s either set to play a carpenter or a street style icon in an upcoming film.


What makes this fit so exquisite is the colour palette and the fact that it is inherently attainable and represents DDL making the most of otherwise random pieces. You may not be able to flex head-to-toe Prada or Lithuanian tie-dye, but this is definitely something you can emulate.

Jeff Goldblum — June 18, 2018



Jeff Goldblum is an underrated style icon — a veritable icon. He has flexed some insane outfits over the last few years and over the last twelve months, ranging from head-to-toe Calvin Klein to Zebra print pants to all-white tuxedos.


His best outfit, though — and arguably the best celebrity menswear outfit of the year — was what he wore to his Jimmy Kimmel appearance in June. Goldblum strutted onstage wearing arguably the hottest piece of the season: a Prada bowling shirt featuring two of the brand’s historically iconic prints. But it’s not just the shirt! Goldblum’s trademark thick-rimmed frames, simple black trousers and wingtips make this outfit a sparkling example of how to pull off a statement piece without looking like a clown.


Oh Jeff Goldblum, always so tasteful.


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