How to get a fall fit off
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The best fall pieces for men

How to get a fall fit off

We’ve been talking about fall for a while but the weather has taken a turn and *checks calendar* it’s actually fall now. Fold away the shorts, put some socks on for the first time since May, display your decorative gourds, and feast your eyes on our favourite fall essentials.



Mad for plaid




It seems as though the plaid shirt, a staple of #menswear, has taken a back seat to various streetwear staples over the past few years. But the plaid shirt is back, baby! Whether it ever really left is debatable; it has always been there whenever we needed it. And we need it now.  


The 2018 version of the plaid shirt is still classic, yet worn in a modern way: buttoned up with a bomber jacket layered over it perhaps, or worn open with a crisp white t-shirt and jeans and sneakers. It's that easy. Wear it out, wear it to work, wear it everywhere. 





Give fall the boot




While wearing sneakers or sandals every day and avoiding socks every day since May is very much a vibe, we are very excited to get the boots going this fall. Substantial boots with fine leather, a grippy lug sole, and a versatile city-friendly look perfect for crunching the leaves beneath your feet all. day. long. 





Sumptuous sweaters




Sweater season means you can really start dressin'. Because layers. Who doesn't love them some layers We've got fine machine-washable Merino wool zip cardigans (ideal for shows off all your layers layers), turtlenecks (great under a blazer or light jacket), and even extremely cosy organic cotton hoodies that look great under a topcoat or denim jacket. With these, you really will be Mr. Autumn Man








Don't pass on a puffer 




What's cosier than a big ol' puffer jacket? Whether you're just trying to get to work or going for a full-on hike out in the wilderness, our new Cyclone puffer jacket is there. It's also filled with fancy 3M™ Thinsulate™ (i.e. no feathers, no birds were harmed) and has a DWR finish that repels water, packs away into a pillow and has a hide-away hood. Extra reliable in style and in substance. 





Time for jeans




Jeans. Aren't they for all year around? Well, yeah. But we've been mostly wearing shorts and very light cotton pants for most of the summer. Now, with the brisk weather, jeans are looking mighty appealing. Sturdy, hard-wearing denim in a ton of washes and colours. Yes, please. Ours are "Hydro-less" as well (i.e. they are produced without wasting water). Good for fall, good for the environment.




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