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2018 year in review: Style

Our favourite style pieces from 2018

Words— Frank And Oak staff

What a year in style it was. Jonah Hill cemented his place in the #menswear pantheon, sustainable fibres and recycled materials became more popular than ever, and people continued to flaunt their interests via merch. Here are some of our favourite style trend and think-pieces from the past year. 




Is Jonah Hill a style god?

It might surprise you to learn that he’s become something of a fashion idol in menswear circles. We explore.


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The rise of merch

From restaurant tees to concert wares, merch is a must-have in 2018. We grabbed some promo apparel from Montreal’s biggest institutions, mixed it with our latest arrivals, and went for a stroll in the Mile End.

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How hiking has scaled the fashion pyramid


In need of some warm, practical outerwear – we took our new packable pillow puffer jacket to Vermont's highest peak – Mount Mansfield for a weekend ramble.


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Oh boy! Outfit ideas inspired by the guys


Here, 4 fall womenswear looks inspired by our favourite key menswear pieces.


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Upcycling: a new trend in sustainable style


No, not recycling. Here's the low-down on how the fashion world is cutting waste.


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Bond who? The villains have the best style.


Have you ever noticed that movie villains almost always have a rather unique and eclectic sense of style?


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The prairie dress: 2018 > 1918


At its core, the prairie style feels restrictive, body obscuring, and modest. So why is it trending today?


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The most stylish tennis players of all time


Our homage to the style pioneers of the game. Those who dared to challenge the status quo, or who managed to put their own spin — within the rules — on traditional club-appropriate attire.


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See ya, millennial pink – a new generation of colour is here


Pink had a good run (and it still has its place), but we're feeling something bolder, more energetic. That's right – it's time for Gen-Z Yellow.


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Why recycled wool is better than virgin wool


With winter comes the opportunity to use another fantastic eco-friendly option in recycled wool. Here’s why it makes a great alternative to virgin wool.


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