Our favourite holiday gift ideas for him
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Top christmas gift ideas for him

Our favourite holiday gift ideas for him

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Shopping for the men in your life seems easy — men are simple creatures after all aren't they? A gimmicky tech thing, sports garb — easy right? Well, sure but you're more creative than that. Get him something he can use and will have for the long haul. And make it tasteful. 


With the holidays approaching quickly, we've put together a list of some of our favourite gift ideas from around the internet — plus our own very-giftable garb — for all the men on your gifting list, be it your good friend, your partner, or even your dad. 



Apple Airpods



They're everywhere now, aren't they? The Airpods. When they first came on the market, they seemed a bit goofy. Bright white things in that guy on the metro's ears – with no cord. Not sure about it. But now, as they've become more popular we can't see going back. Even with the somewhat hefty price tag — they're worth it. Especially at the gym. Trust us, he'll love them.




Flannel Tartan Shirt



It's hard for a man to not feel good in a plaid flannel shirt. Especially when said shirt is made from soft brushed cotton. Do him a favour.




Fellow Stag pour over dripper



Drip coffee. Doesn't do it for us to be perfectly honest. Keep that stuff for the dinner. Free refills all morning long until you feel sick. 


At home, you've got to treat yourself to good coffee.  And for us, pour over is the way to get a rich, flavourful cup of joe. This pour-over set is not only very handsome (and thus extremely giftable), but it evenly distributes the water over your freshly ground beans and controls the temperature for a perfect pour every time. 




Fellow Stagg pour over kettle



To go with the above dripper set, a pour over kettle that features a narrow spout for fine, controlled pour (we've tried to do this with a regular kettle and it's a mess). And because the temperature of the water affects the taste, it also features a built-in thermometer (for the pedantic home coffee maker). 




The Nordique Multi-Yarn Sweater



You could draw a pretty great line graph of Excitement About Sweaters For Christmas (x) over Time (y). The first several years the line would be flat. Maybe it even dips into the negative. Then after 20 or so years, it would definitely skyrocket. Maybe it's just us, the clothing fans, but a handsome sweater like the above under the tree? There isn't much that could be better. 




Malin + Goetz Tobacco Candle



A man candle. In a manly tobacco scent. Or just a candle. For anyone. Whatever floats your boat. 


Malin + Goetz has been making fine candles for your home for years now they are an ideal way to cover up that home cooking or dog smell. Maybe it's not needed, what with Canada's new legalization, but they also make a nice cannabis scent as well. 





Style Plan Subscription



Consider this the gift that keeps on giving. Frank And Oak Style Plan is our monthly clothing subscription service that works with him to ensure every single item will suit his taste and personal style. He'll be able to preview her box before it ships and return any items that don’t suit her style perfectly.





Maison Margiela 'Replica'



A winter classic, Maison Margiela's Replica "At the Barber" is a woodsy, citrusy scent that features mysterious notes of basil accord, lavender, and tonka bean. It's the kind of fragrance that sure to become his signature for years to come. 







Away Carry-On suitcase



Away has sort of taken over the luggage industry in the past few years. And we can see why! Each suitcase is thoughtfully designed to hold everything you need to take on your trip from shoes to toiletries, encased in a solid shell that holds up to even the most reckless of baggage handlers. Plus, they have an ejectable battery that will charge your phone 5 times before a recharge. 





Meet Me in the Bathroom:
Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011



For those of a certain age, the NYC indie music scene was seminal to their upbringing. Lizzy Goodman spoke to those who were there with this engrossing, gossipy oral history that spans from the drug-fueled pre-Strokes Lower East Side to the rise of Interpol and the Yeah Yeah Yeas, to LCD Soundsystem, TV on the Radio and all the other bands hovering around the Brooklyn blogosphere. It's a fascinating portrait of a scene and city that was on the verge of major changes. 





B&O Play portable speaker



Give him the gift of portable sound with a banging Bluetooth speaker from Bang & Olufsen. Modern design and a compact size, alongside the first-class audio one expects from one of the best speaker manufacturers around is the pay way to listen to music anywhere from the bathroom to the park to that Airbnb you just booked. 




Woven Wool Scarf



A scarf doesn't seem like much, but it's an essential piece of winter wear that can also be luxurious if you let it. Give him a soft wool scarf with a classic pattern and you really won't be able to go wrong. 






Fluance RT80 high fidelity turntable



This is probably the best starter turntable money can buy. More attractive than its entry-level peers, it makes setting up a home turntable stress-free. If he's an audiophile, you'll want to go with something more upscale, but for the rest of us, it produces rich sound quality for our favourite vinyl. 




Retro toque


Grab a toque and give'r, bud!




We mean, get him a throwback acrylic toque to help keep those ears warm this winter. 




Lodge cast iron skillet



There was a time when a cast iron skillet was not the move. It was a non-stick T-FAL or GTFO. But today, no kitchen is complete without a cast iron. We've gone back to basics (except the very modern silicone handle). A cast iron is very no frills, but expertly cooks a piece of meat in no time — and he doesn't have to be the next Top Chef contestant to have fun using it. 




Lambskin Leather Gloves



Hard hands? Get him soft gloves. 




Aesop 'Montreal' City Travel Kit



Named after our hometown, the "Montreal" travel kit from Aesop features everything he needs for a quick sojourn. As the name suggests, this particular kit is made with cold weather in mind but features a face cleanser, balancing toner, hydrating cream, hydrating masque, lip cream, classic shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser, and body balm. All that for under $100? Any guy who likes to look after himself will appreciate the gesture. 




The New York Times Explorer: Road, Rail, and Trail



Speaking of travel, the New York Times has thoughtfully compiled its iconic "36 Hours" travel series into tasteful anthologies based around, not geography, but activities. Here you'll find well-written, first-person accounts of the best of the worlds trails (biking, hiking, or skiing), rails, and roads. Also available: Cities & Towns; Mountains, Deserts, & Plains; and Beaches, Islands, & Coasts




Vitamix Ascent Blender



The Vitamix has become legendary in certain circles. And yes, it's a decent chunk of change (we're putting this in the It's a Gift For You But Also a Gift For Me Because We Live Together category) but the Vitamix will handle anything you throw at it including whipping up cool treats like smoothies and ice cream, grinding nuts and coffee, and even mixing up some soups (the friction from the blades will even heat it up without the stove). 




A variety of socks



Warm winter socks. Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest, most practical things. 




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