The block is hot: your guide to colour-blocking
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How to colour block

The block is hot: your guide to colour-blocking

Words— Frank And Oak staff

The great thing about colour-blocking is that you probably already own a lot of the pieces to make it happen. With the right combinations, your wardrobe can be instantly refreshed. And when a trend fades, these pieces will be there to use as basics or for new, future trends. 


Notice the pieces below that do the colour-blocking work for you. A pre-colour-blocked sweater or shirt is just asking for a tonal pair of shorts or a punchy contrasting colour to pair with it. 


Here's a quick guide on how to use colors to make your summer pop. 




Tonally tight


Pick a colour and wear its various shades from your hat all the way down to your shoes. Blue is probably the easiest colour to do this with. Red? If you're feeling confident, there's no reason why not!


The Rufus Organic Denim Trucker JacketCotton Colour-Blocked Crewneck in Navy


Pick a colour palette and stick with it


Familiar colour groups go well together. A rust-coloured pant paired with a pinkish shirt (as seen below) or a royal blue with baby blue, will always look great. Take pastels, or neutrals, or primaries and put them together. It creates a thought out, cohesive look. A primary green with a pastel blue doesn't quite work.


Notice the pre-colour-blocked shirt below mixed with tan chinos. They're all part of the same dusty colour palette. 




Becket Chino in CamelPoplin Colour-Blocked Shirt in Green


Go ahead and clash


If you want to get advanced, feel free to pair clashing colours, but don't wear more than three colourways at one time. 





Too much?


All just entirely too much for you? It's cool. The easiest way to colour block is to pick your favourite primary colour shirt and pair it with a grounded-tone like blue jeans. Or reverse it and wear a neutral shirt with bright, colourful shorts. It's that easy! 



Organic Recycled Light Terry Pullover Hoodie in YellowThe Becket Chino Short in Green


Block Rockin' Basics



Cotton Colour-Blocked Crewneck Pullover in NavyLong Sleeve Rugby PoloPoplin Colour-Blocked Shirt in Green, Colour-Blocked Camp Collar Shirt


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