It's time to hoard some cords
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Corduroy: Arguably fall's best fabric

It's time to hoard some cords

Words— Mylène Genty

An earthy, rustic quality. A soft and thick, ribbed handfeel that acts as a protective layer and keeps you warm. Yes, we're talking: corduroy.  


With textures and colours that echo the moody atmosphere of fall, corduroy is as autumnal as a pumpkin spice latte (but way better). The heritage fabric has been staging a slow comeback for the past few seasons, but judging from the runways and Instagram – the trend is in now full motion.


Chances are you might not have touched corduroy since middle school. But it's cool. While those cord dungarees made us look like adorable bookworms yearbook photos past – corduroy never really went away. It's time to give them another shot.




Clockwise from top left: Sir David Attenborough, Bilbo Baggins, Wes Anderson on the set of Moonrise Kingdom, Gertrude Stein in her signature brown corduroy robe, Lucas from Stranger Things just one of many people in Hawkins to rock corduroy, John Lennon. 



Corduroy has had a reputation of being outdated: the name itself is 300 years old – and derives the French royal courts. Because of its royal heritage, one would assume it to be a desirable luxury fabric, right? Not so much, because in the by the late 1800s, corduroy was mass-produced in factories in both Europe and the United States. On account of the fabric's hardiness, it became widespread among working classes. As a matter of fact, it has a lot in common with another fabric that was adopted by blue-collars: denim. They’re both resistant and inexpensive textile, yet denim always had legs over corduroy.


Corduroy is now going through an identity revamp - thanks to the 70s revival. There's also a book smart quality about it. Think of everyone part of the corduroy appreciation club — most of them are great thinkers: Henry David Thoreau, Diane Keaton as Annie Hall, Gertrude Stein, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Wes Anderson. Not only are cords easy to style, they're often reasonably lightweight and warm, making it the ideal material for the transitional days ahead.


While the fabric still has a hold of his traditional connotations, we should take it as a reason to embrace it. Styled the right way — with bold colours, sharp cuts, or an oversized fit — it can be as contemporary as you like. Here, a few picks to help you nail the look yourself.






Good Cotton Corduroy Shirt in Brown , Good Cotton Corduroy Shirt In Green


Embody the fall season with an enriched simple or colour-blocked pattern in heritage corduroy, drawing inspiration from the vibrant autumn trees and earth tones. Made with responsible cotton-grown and harvested with sustainable methods, the corduroy shirt is ideal for layering and may be refined with our Skyline bomber or Triple Torrent Parka for ultimate warmth in the colder temperatures to come. Pair with dark pants, assuring the corduroy does all the talking.




Good Cotton Corduroy Shirt In Dark Navy


Our corduroy shirt in dark navy works as a versatile, dressed-up option for evening cocktails and nights on the town. Maximize the ensemble and complement the fall-themed corduroy with a pair of jeans from our new collection.






Good Cotton Corduroy Jacket In Pine Grove


The search for a new fall jacket is over. For frosty morning commutes or taking a stroll through the park, discover your love for the vintage-inspired corduroy jacket. Designed with a removable sherpa collar for versatile styling and warmth, a unique Pine Grove colour tone and detailed buttons, your fall wardrobe is about to transcend the mundane. Hint—Diane Keaton would wear a turtleneck with this, and so should you.


If you’re getting involved with corduroy for the first time, the best way to look at it is as an alternative to denim with a touch of sophistication. It’s warmer, the colour schemes are far more interesting and most important of all–it matches the beauty of autumn.


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