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Gifts to make any dad more stylish
The Handbook / Style / Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Gifts to make any dad more stylish

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Ironically, most people embracing “dad style” these days are not, themselves, dads. But that’s okay. It’s Father’s Day soon – so get him some easy-to-wear essentials he’ll thank you for. Please note the lack of ties (because you’re more creative than that!).



Sports dad



Mom: I'm putting your father on the phone.


Dad: Hi.


Me: Hi.


Dad (exasperated): The game was tied! What was JR Smith thinking!? He could have shot it! He could have got it to Lebron!  All you have to do is get it to Lebron and we've won the game! 


Me: Totally. 


Dad: Well anyway, here's your mom again. 




Toronto Raptors Black Velvet T-Shirt in Black and Cleveland Cavaliers Waffle-Knit Pullover Hoodie in Grey



Cozy dad



What dad out there wouldn't appreciate a warm, cozy sweater? Yes, even in the spring and summer a man needs something for the cooler nights. Ribbed cuffs, knitted body and looking like a windswept New England fisherman are surely his thing. 



Cotton Waffle Stitch Crewneck Pullover in Green and Off White



Business dad



Dad's briefcase has likely seen better days. Help him upgrade his trek to the office with a stylish genuine leather briefcase. Dad isn't in the looking like an amateur business. He's in the getting dressed-up to go to work business. And cousin, business is a-boomin'.




Leather Messenger in Black and Grey



Party dad



Sometimes our parents are known to party. Sometimes that's weird. But we encourage it! And we encourage the style that can come with it. Dad out there by the grill, turning the ribs, regaling his buds with that story about his hole-in-one for the fiftieth time, beer and coozy in hand, on the deck, in a very loud shirt that says, I'm not always so buttoned down. Glorious. 


Help him update this look with more form-fitting soft cotton version that's loud but also tasteful. 




Short Sleeve Supersoft Camp Collar Hawaiian Print in Samba and Dress Blues



Art dad



Justin Trudeau is a dad. Justin Trudeau likes loud socks. Therefore, all dads must like loud socks. Try to prove this wrong. Just try. You can't, can you? We've got 3-packs in a variety of colours and styles. 



3-Pack Striped Cotton-Blend Socks in Navy Blazer and Multi-Pattern Cotton-Blend Socks in Russet



Good arch-support dad



Now that you’ve finally realized how important proper footwear really is, show him how he’s gotten through to you by getting him a comfy pair of the biggest "dad" shoe around – the New Balance. Or have a browse - we've got a ton of very handsome, very comfortable footwear.



New Balance 574 in Black



Generous dad



One day. One day you'll be sitting in a very lovely restaurant, catching your breath after a delicious meal where everybody had just a little too much food, a little too much wine. Here he comes. The waiter. He's bringing the cheque. You grab it – quickly. You insist. Dad is powerless to stop you. You do it. You pay for dinner. Yourself. For the first time. One day. It will happen.


But it hasn't happened yet. The old fella keeps getting the best of you.


The least you can do is get him something nice to take out of his back pocket when he insists.



Leather Slim Bifold Wallet in Tan and Cobalt



Sun-sensitive dad



In the last few years, a strange occurence has ingrained itself in our society: cool kids wearing "dad hats". They already took dad's jeans and now they’ve got their sights on his hats. You know – the kind of hat characterized by their unstructured, usually cotton construction and often given an upgrade by way of a chill graphic or embroidery. They're so popular, even some of hip-hop's style elite have copped (Drake, 2 Chainz, Tyler the Creator, etc.)


Help your old man take back what was his to begin with--and protect himself from the sun--by offering him one of our washed cotton caps.



Washed Cotton Cap in Navy and Green



Independent dad



Dads can be hard to buy for. They know what they like, dammit! 


Let him take care of it himself with one of our gift cards - available in denominations from $25 all the way up to $500. 


Pro tip: Find an actual Father's Day card to slide it into. Would be a nice gesture.




Okay, fine - here are some ties



Okay so if your dad actually wears ties – it's a very nice gift. He'll appreciate the help injecting some youthful energy into his neckwear lineup. Not recommended if you've only seen him wear ties to weddings and the like. 



Silk Hawaiian Pattern Slim Tie in Dress Blues and Silk Polkadot Silm Tie in Balsam Green

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