Gifts to make any dad more stylish
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Father's Day Gift Guide 2019

Gifts to make any dad more stylish

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Father’s Day is around the corner and you’re sweating, because wasn’t Christmas like yesterday? You stressed out enough over that gift and now you have to go through the ordeal all over again. Oh Dad, why are you so hard to shop for? Don’t fret, we've got you.





Yield Design Glass French Press


The heat-proof borosilicate glass provides superior heat retention in this stunning French press from Yield Design. Just looking at it sitting sleekly on his desk, among his paperwork and co. will be enough to motivate him before he’s even taken a sip.







Hemp Polo in Cobalt


Dad isn’t usually one to take compliments easily, they tend to make him feel uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t dress to receive them. Take our Hemp Polo, for instance. Someone will no doubt remark on its excellent fit, to which, instead of an awkward shrug, he can simply reply “it’s made with hemp” and shift the attention and conversation to plant-based garments.  







Short-Sleeved Printed Cotton Shirt


“Dress for the kind of summer you want to have” is what you can tell him as you hand him this cheeky printed shirt, which is actually a three-in-one gift: the gift of style, vibes and inspiration. Boom. Flights are on him though.







Anker SoundCore Mini Bluetooth Speaker


Whether he’s in the workshop, gardening or making dinner, this mini Bluetooth speaker can easily follow him anywhere he needs to pump out his favourite tunes. With 15 hours of playtime on a single charge, he can even do all those things in one day without taking a break and, knowing him, that’s not unheard of.







Veja Wata Sneaker


Sure, Dad could rock a pair of classic "dad" sneakers and look in the know, but he’s also probably passed all that and looking for a more refined vibe. The Veja Wata, as its name suggests, has all the drip Pop’s needs. Wata actually means cotton in Japanese, which makes sense since they are made from cotton. Fun fact: the soles are made from wild Amazonian rubber. So many plant-based garms, guys!






Monocle Hinoki


‘Monocle Scent One: Hinoki' Eau de Toilette


“The inspiration for Hinoki comes from a perfectly still, slightly chilly spring morning spent soaking in an indoor/outdoor tub at the Tawaraya in Kyoto.” For those unfamiliar with it, Hinoki is a species of cypress tree native to Japan and a very popular scent in all things fragrant from this country because of its incredibly fresh and calming characteristics. In short, this eau de toilette was made for dad.







Newport Washed Linen Short


Whether he’s headed out on the green or for a little Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, our Newport Washed Linen Short is a solid summer staple that’ll have your dad singing Ya Hey.







Groom - Shaving Care Set


Dad has a beard and is happy with it? Skip to the next item. Dad likes his face as smooth as a Mach3 model? Look no further than this shaving care set from our good pals at Groom. You might even catch him smiling in the mirror.







60/40 Recycled Striped Rugby Shirt 


Ivy league looks on a community college budget, but you’d never know it and neither will he. Throwing this on might not physically peel the years off him, but it’s all in the head anyway, right? You just need him to feel like he can pull an all-nighter in the library.







Organic Cotton Terry Crewneck


It’s a cool summer night at the cottage, the stars are out and the fire is crackling. Dad throws you the bag of marshmallows before pushing up the sleeves of a ratty old sweatshirt to throw another log on. He’s had that same one since you were a kid and mom can’t look at it anymore, the memories come flooding. Little do they know you’ve brought him our Organic Cotton Terry Crewneck to make new ones in.






Grill Hog Cedar BBQ Grill Scraper


Made from natural Western Red Cedar, sustainably harvested right here in Canada, the Grill Hog BBQ Grill Scraper will shape itself to pop’s home grill as he uses it. He’ll also appreciate the lack of metal bristles, which always seem to find their way into unwanted places such as burgers and your mouths.







Cotton Tie-Dye Tee


If he doesn’t spend his weekend going through crates looking for Grateful Dead grails, but is beginning to show interest in the culture, we like to think of our Cotton Tie-Dye Tees as gateway gear that may take him to the periphery of his comfort zone, prepping him for the plunge, once he decides to take it.







Mizu 20 oz Insulated Water Bottle


Tell dad to leave the crate of water bottles at Costco. Our insulated stainless steel Mizu bottle is 100% BPA free and 100% recyclable, so dad can get the hydration he needs without the harsh vibes.







Washed Cotton 'Laurier' Blazer


Our Washed Cotton 'Laurier' Blazer is the type of piece that is endlessly versatile. Formal enough to wear to a nice restaurant on date night with mom, but relaxed enough to grab drinks at the local dive afterwards. It’ll quickly become his go-to.







Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes


Maybe he wants to expand his cooking horizons, but feels slightly intimidated? Not only does Lucky Peach offer simple Asians recipes in this cool hardcover, but it also demystifies key ingredients you’ll use time and time again, transforming them from unfamiliar to kitchen staples. No three-page-long ingredient lists either--phew.




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