Frank And Oak IRL: Our local, sustainable store philosophy
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Frank And Oak IRL: Our local, sustainable store philosophy

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Those who have followed us since the beginning might remember that we were once a simple online store. No brick. No mortar. In fact, when we opened our first store on the ground floor of our Montreal HQ building, there was quite a bit of internal debate. Is this right for us? Will it fundamentally change who we are? Well, we went ahead with it and it did change who we were – but for the better.


Online shopping is great, but when you can be welcomed into a physical space and interact with the clothes, ask the staff for their advice, and try everything on – you can't really beat it. The media talks about retail being over, but it's just that – talk. The fact is that traditional retail is over. Stores that do nothing more than display products with indifferent or pushy staff that offer you nothing is over. We're doing it differently.





Here are just a few ways we're going about it. 





Built sustainably


Our stores are built as conscientiously as possible with recycled materials and minimal waste. When it comes to updated and renovating existing stores, the designers choose to make as few modifications as possible to the existing space, reusing what they can. In addition, we've incorporated eco-friendly plastic fixtures from Quebec-based company Polyalto.





Keeping it Canada


We partner with Canadian artisans in the construction of all of our stores because we’re big fans of small business.


  • Mobilier de Gaspé – local makers of modern furniture using quality local wood. They also partner with EDEN Canada, an NGO that that helps Mobilier de Gaspé remain a carbon-neutral company through tree planting.
  • Gus* Modern - Toronto-based furniture company inspired by simple forms and honest materials that mix the elegant with the industrial. 
  • Élément de Base - design-forward, contemporary furniture with a focus on natural materials and pieces that are renewable, transformable, and updatable.
  • d'Arms Luminaires - Launched in Montreal in 2016 by Alexandre Joncas and Gildas Le Bars, d'Arms offers minimalistic lighting design and prioritizes the use of local suppliers They offer modern and minimalistic design through clear and simple lines. D’Armes ensures impeccable quality by favouring local suppliers and ethical materials.





Good neighbours


Community is important to us. Every one of our stores is uniquely conceived with each neighbourhood in mind. In addition to being mindful of the neighbourhood, we've filled our stores with friendly staff who are always there to help. You'll also find community partners like Café Névé, Jimmy's Coffee, Monthly Barber and Garrison's Barber in select stores.







In an effort to make our operations more eco-friendlywe will no longer distribute single-use bags starting. Our 100% recycled paper bags will still be available for 50¢ and all proceeds will go towards reforesting/tree plantation in Canadian forests.







Our receipts rolls are now certified EcoChit, which means they are printed on paper from sustainable forests. For each case of EcoChit roll we use, a tree is planted by the leading non-profit organization One Tree Planted, dedicated to global reforestation.

EcoChit receipts:

  • 100% BPA and BPS Free
  • Recycled plastic cores
  • Paper from sustainable forests



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