Here's how to get your style right this holiday season
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The Frank And Oak Holiday Style Checklist

Here's how to get your style right this holiday season

Words— Frank And Oak staff

From holiday parties to family gatherings — here’s our guide on what to wear over the next several weeks when you’d rather be at home with a box of After Eights.




DO: (Track) suit up


Holiday parties are an excuse to dress up, but sometimes a full suit is overkill. But...and stay with us here...what if that full suit was sort of an elevated tracksuit? Enter our organic cotton bomber and pant. With fine chalk stripes, this full kit looks extra tasteful paired with a softly-knitted sweater. Stylish in a different way, and far more comfortable.





Do: Have fun with accessories


Go full Lenny Kravitz and wear big (but not too big) scarves with confidence this season! Mix in a playful toque while you’re at it. It’s all snug but not too serious.





Don’t: Worry about too much colour


Everything outside is grey at the moment. What better reason to liven up your cold-weather fit. We love a brightly-coloured toque for the distinctive pop it adds, especially when paired with more neutral (yet still colourful shades) like brick and army green. There’s plenty of time to be gloomy — the holidays are for liveliness.





Do: Wear party dresses for people who hate party dresses


If feminine dresses aren’t regular in your rotation it’s hard to feel natural and comfortable in them when party season rolls around. Enter festive, playful dresses that are less cocktail dress, more casual. No sequins — we promise.





DO: Ditch the button-up shirt


Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean you need to suddenly button yourself up. You do you. Make yourself comfortable with a handsome, cozy sweater. And not of the ugly variety. Team it with smart suit trousers, maybe reach for your nicest topcoat — and you’re ready to hit the eggnog.





Don’t: Stress about looking like a Christmas tree  

Red and green are opposites on the colour wheel and so naturally pair well together! But I’ll look like an elf, you say. Nonsense. The key is to picking one as your focal point and use the other as an accent. A big bold red sweater paired with a dress that features a touch of green makes merry.


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