All good in the hood: How to wear a hoodie like a pro
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How to wear a hoodie

All good in the hood: How to wear a hoodie like a pro

Words— Mylène Genty

Like any other teenager trying to navigate the intricate social system of high school, I tried on many hats. We all did. To fit in, at one point or another, we likely appropriate the codes and aesthetics of various subcultures the best we knew how–through the way we dressed.


He was a skater. I was not. But I tried it out. I wanted to embody the daring, independent, DIY spirit of that clique. But I looked goofy. It wasn't me. After five (five!) of these blundering years, I rejected these fashion experiments altogether, refusing to let anything or anyone influence my style. Of course, this is a pretty impossible task.  I later realized that there is a myriad of ways to interpret a garment, by means that are harmonious with one’s personality. It came to the point where in the recent years, thanks to the mainstream-ification of streetwear, I started re-considering a classic of my teenage years, namely, the hoodie.


They might seem banal to some - after all, we’ve seen them everywhere, but their casualness and gender-neutrality make it easy for everyone to try it out. You can’t help but feel unconcerned when wearing one. In the same family as sweatshirts, they both have a laidback quality. They both offer peace of mind, liberating it from any constraint in regards to how our body looks. Just think of Lady Di, turning a blind eye to her royal status with a humble sweatshirt and bike shorts. Or in 2016 when our very own Celine started stunning the world with her new sartorial look. It all started with that remarkably cool Vêtement oversized Titanic sweatshirt. It shows, above all, how freeing it is. 


There are several ways to wear and style them. Here are just a few of them.


Go loose



...and wide. I always take a size up in whatever top I’m investing in, but for this look, you really have to up the sizing considerably. It’s as if enlarging the sweatshirt enhances the carelessness of the look. Some will even dare to wear it as a dress, and I applaud you if you do. You can then play with different aesthetics - going into the athleisure trend with statement sneakers, or dress it up with thigh-high boots.


Go cropped



You don't need model abs to wear a cropped sweatshirt (DIY'd or otherwise). If you got it go for it, but for the rest of us, a leotard underneath is s stylish look, and with the rise of high-waisted pants, it all balances out. Add on a casual jacket like a bomber for an even more advanced look.



Go layered



Ideal for those not fully ready to embrace the cropping. Layering a normal-sized hoodie with the jacket of your choice is a great alternative. Remember that the most interesting part of styling lies in the contrasts. The classic trench coat and the sweatshirt are pretty far in the fashion spectrum, which makes the look so appealing. A mix of classiness and irreverence. Other possible combinations: a leather jacket, a denim jacket, or a bomber.  



Go full fleece



I’m just thinking about winter so you don’t have to. But thanks to the revival of everything 90s, sporting a full jogger look is not only bold, it’s chic - especially when you go full monochrome. Add on a pair of immaculate sneakers and statement sunglasses, just to show that you care.



It’s in the details



The hoodie holds so much potential. The hood itself is like an extension of sunglasses, allowing to hide in style. The hood strings can be tied in so many ways that letting them hang loose is criminal (you can also rip the strings out altogether). Keep in mind the contrasts: grab a sweatshirt or hoodie in an unexpected colour, go monochrome with the pants, wear it with a chic blazer, wear it as a dress, with heels, with graphics or not. Take it outside your comfort zone, while keeping in mind what compliments your features. Remember that while everyone might have a hoodie, what makes it unique is how you decide to wear it.


Gym Fleece Hoodie in Grey MelangeGym Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt in FuchsiaGym Fleece Hoodie in Vintage Red


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