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How to fix a hole in a nylon jacket

Don't throw it away: here's how to repair your torn jacket

Words— Frank And Oak staff

So you went hiking and a branch tore a small hole in your jacket. Or, for the city-dweller, maybe a careless smoker hit you with a wayward cig. Either way. Jacket ruined. Best toss it, right? Absolutely not. It’s still very much repairable.


In fact, repairing things is one of the best things you can do for the planet.


When was the last time you had something break and you fixed it yourself or took it in to be repaired? We as consumers have been conditioned to just buy a new one if it breaks. But the last thing we need or the planet needs is to accumulate more things and toss old things out. And besides, it's these imperfections that give clothing and objects character. We pride ourselves on making quality clothing and encourage everyone to extend the use they give the items they own. So go ahead and fix that jacket!

What you need:


  • Seam sealer repair adhesive like Seam Grip
  • Gear repair tape, such as Tenacious Tape™
  • Scissors
  • Rubbing alcohol


How to fix it


For large holes (the size of a quarter or larger): the best method is repair tape like Tenacious Tape. First, clean the area around the tear with rubbing alcohol. This will remove any dirt or skin oil that may prevent the patch from sticking. Trim any loose threads around the tear as well. Then cut your patch bigger than the hole you’re looking to patch. About one inch of overlap in every direction should do. Apply pressure to the tape from the centre out. If you round the edges of the patch it will reduce any possible peeling and last longer.


Apply the patch and press it into place with your fingers. The patch will take about 48 hours to fully stick. You can wear your jacket right away but be careful.

For small holes (the size of a dime or less): one of the most effective options is to get yourself some Seam Grip and apply a thin layer to the outer surface of the jacket’s fabric to bond the edges of the tear together. It works well and doesn't stiffen up in the cold. Allow 8-12 hours for the adhesive to cure.




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