Winter jumperland: 4 easy cold-weather jumpsuit looks
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How to wear a jumpsuit in the winter

Winter jumperland: 4 easy cold-weather jumpsuit looks

Words— Mylène Genty

We often hear about the fashion flair of Parisians, Italians, Londoners...while we, Canadians, don’t get much credit. We have to deal with an often extreme climate and yet we constantly push the boundaries of style.


Style in the winter is a hassle; it's difficult to get a good look going when it's minus 30 outside. With freezing weather comes unwanted restrictions like wearing dresses, skirts, caps, or fancy hats whenever you feel like it. But some determined individuals won't let a little cold weather keep them down and go for clothes typically associated with summer — one of them being: the jumpsuit.


Initially designed as a practical piece of clothing, jumpsuits they were designed in the 20s by a Florentine artist for skydivers and parachuters. Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli put them on the fashion map in the ’30s, followed by Katharine Hepburn who added a touch of Hollywood glamour after wearing a monogrammed silk one-piece in the 1937 film Stage Door.


Five years later, Vera Maxwell designed a jumpsuit worn by millions of ‘riveting Rosies’. The one-piece, along with the polka dot headband, then became an iconic cultural reference and symbol of empowered women. Afterwards, Yves Saint-Laurent appropriated himself the look and sent palazzo one-pieces down the runway in the 70s. It was also adopted by Cher, ABBA, Bianca Jagger, and of course, Elvis.



One-pieces have since lost their disco allure (which is good or bad depending on your feelings for disco). They can truly be worn for any occasion since they can appear urban, chic, utilitarian, or extremely cozy.


Because of their inherent complexity (ie. the bathroom situation), we often think that wearing a jumpsuit will add an extra layer of effort in an already complicated winter outfit. But then, who likes to be told what not to wear? Let’s not allow a season impose limitations on what we can and cannot wear. I’m sure there’s plenty of jumpsuits sitting in closets right now just waiting for spring to arrive. With enough creativity, we can surely rock them all year long.



3 steps to winter jumpsuit wearing






Since most jumpsuits come with straps, they can easily be turned into a totally different vibe from the slinky simplicity and bare shouldered-vibe of the summer variety. You can go for an eclectic style by mix and matching the prints from the jumpsuit to the sweater underneath, or keeping it simple with a top in muted tones. Long sleeves are the key.





More layering


For a chic appeal, forget the usual t-shirt and try a turtleneck. If you’re aiming to create a legit business casual outfit, opt for muted colours and moderate heels with your jumpsuit. 





Accessorize it


Skip the necklace and opt for a scarf. Not only is it more innovative, but it’ll also keep you warmer.




Get chic with it


Whether your jumpsuit has a utilitarian or business casual vibe, try wearing a patterned blouse underneath -- it’s an interesting variation from the usual knitted top. You can style it up a notch with a ribbon if you feel like it.




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