Ruck n' roll: the rugby is back!
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How to wear a rugby shirt

Ruck n' roll: the rugby is back!

Words— Frank And Oak staff

The rugby shirt, that pillar of prep style, is back! (If it ever truly left us.)


When you think of a rugby shirt, you may think of upper-class Ivy Leaguers or actual rugby players, but don't worry—you needn’t be posh or a person of mountain-like structure to pull it off.  The rugby shirt is wrapped up in a number of iconic style moments and subcultures. It's been worn by everybody from David Hockney to Mick Jagger to Tupac and a number of filmmakers, musicians, artists, outdoorsmen—it looks good on everyone is what we're saying (especially women). 


Our rugby



The shirts that modern rugby players wear bare little resemblance to the classic cotton rugby. Today’s shirt is polyester, skin-tight, and may not even have a collar. But the classic lives on. Usually made with heavy cotton, they often feature horizontal stripes in collegiate colours and have a white contrast collar.


We’ve taken that classic look and modernized it a touch by constructing it with soft recycled cotton and polyester, with a bleached denim collar for contrast. We’ve also lightened up the fabric a bit so it won’t weigh you down during the summer months.



60/40 Recycled Striped Rugby Shirt in Vintage greyRecycled 60/40 Rugby Shirt in Dark navy



How to wear




A rugby shirt is handsome without being snooty, and looks great for casual weekends and chillier days. Here are some ways to wear it.





Although Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig declared his prep phase over, here he is on Instagram in a rare rugby, tastefully tucked into cords. A look we fully endorse.





While usually thought of as a favourite of jocks, one of the most famous wearers of the rugby is legendary painter David Hockney. Army green pants with beat up sneakers is a strong look when paired with a rugby shirt.





We actually think wearing a rugby with your most comfortable pair of running shorts is one of the most comfortable thing you can wear. Long sleeves up top to protect you from the sun, shorts on the bottom to keep you breathing free. Skip the high socks to make sure you don't look like you just emerged from the bottom of a scrum. 





Rugby shirts have, somewhat surprisingly, been popular with rock climbers for a while now. Rumour has it, Patagonia's own Yvon Chouinard was one of the first to realize how well the collar held up when carrying rope. Wear it with your favourite cargo shorts or pants.





Leave it to Mick Jagger to take something so casual and elevate it. His rugby shirt's traditional "hoops" or horizontal stripes coming through under an expertly cut blazer with the contrast white collar nonchalantly resting on his lapels. Take it from Mick and wear yours under your favourite blazer. 


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