Suiting 2.0: The new way to wear a suit
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How to wear a suit in 2018

Suiting 2.0: The new way to wear a suit

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Wedding season might be coming to a close, but award season is right around the corner. If you’re the fancy type whom actually gets invited to galas or any other jet-set events, good for you. For the rest of us, award season actually means staying in and watching Ryan Gosling kill it on the red carpet with yet another perfect fit. No chance you’ll be attending TIFF? No problem. These days, you don't need to have a reason to suit up. By ditching the tie, losing the button-up, and maybe mixing in some fire sneakers, it’s a look that has never been easier to pull it off. Here's how to do it. 




Air tie > tie



The Laurier Denim-Like 2-Button Blazer in Mixed Navy, The Laurier Denim-Like 2-Button Suit Trouser in Mixed Navy, The Jasper Band Collar Oxford Shirt in White


It's time for the air tie (i.e. a buttoned-up shirt look that seems ready for a tie but does not have one). It's a way to bring clean, confident appeal to any dressed-up look while doing something a little more unexpected than just not wearing a tie with the top shirt button undone (which can run the risk of looking sloppy). Still not sure? The band collar shirt (shown above) leaves you no other option than to retire the tie.


Lose the button-up




Machine-Washable Merino Wool Turtleneck in Dark Green, Machine-Washable Merino Wool Turtleneck in Black


Back in the day, everyone from Mick Jagger to Steve McQueen to Miles Davis was wearing a turtleneck. Then, somewhere along the line, it's a style that lost its mojo. Today, the turtleneck is a style power move if there ever was one – especially in low-key colour palettes like black and dark green. Now modern-day superstars from Lebron to Pusha T are rocking them (ironically this likely all started with Drake). The turtleneck, paired with a sharp suit and luxurious minimal sneakers, is just the thing to update your next suited look this fall.  




Get checked out in full windowpane




The Laurier Flannel Windowpane Suit Jacket, The Laurier Flannel Windowpane Suit Trousers 


Take on one of fall’s biggest trends with the simplicity of a couple of items you almost certainly already have in your closet: a polished t-shirt and some clean, minimal sneakers. The classic grey flannel suit has been updated slightly with the addition of a handsome windowpane check. 



Suit jacket only 




The Laurier Sharkskin Wool Suit Jacket in Black (coming soon), The Laurier Denim-Like 2-Button Blazer in Mixed Navy, Laurier Recycled Wool-Blend Blazer (coming soon)


Broken-up tailoring – it's a vibe! It's also a great way to bring the suit down to a more casual level by combining colours, fabrics, and patterns for an individual take on tailoring. 


But it's not as complicated as all that – that trusted combo of comfy pants and a laid-back shirt or tee? Just add a blazer or suit jacket and you're good to go. 




Flannel pants, done right




Laurier Glen Check Suit Trousers (coming soon), The Laurier Flannel Windowpane Suit Trousers 


Everyone’s back in the office from their summer getaway, and it’s starting to feel like fall is about to sneak up on us. We recommend getting cosy with a pair of flannel pants that will look dapper as hell with your favourite graphic t-shirt or go-to sweater.  Go ahead and leave the suit jacket at home – this is a refreshing pair that hits all the right style notes.


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