Jeans! Jeans! Jeans! Jeans!: 4 ways to wear denim
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How to wear denim this fall

Jeans! Jeans! Jeans! Jeans!: 4 ways to wear denim

Words— Frank And Oak staff

Photography— Celia Spenard-Ko

There's a reason jeans are the go-to. What's more comfortable? What's more personal? What's easier to wear? 


It's an interesting time – there are more options than ever out there – from skinny to tapered to straight-legged, and in a variety of colours and washes. And because denim is so easy to wear, here are a few ways to get more advanced. We put together a few looks on the guys around the office to show you how to elevate your denim fits beyond sneakers and t-shirts.



Work it out





Checkered Flannel Shirt, The Dylan Slim-Stretch Jean, vintage Our Legacy top


Athleticwear has increasingly encroached on our everyday outfits – and why not? This is how we live our lives in the modern world. Constantly on the go. Try pairing your favourite running top or breathable windbreaker with your favourite pair of jeans. Heritage fabrics (denim included) aren't just here to be mixed with other heritage fabrics. Mixing in athleisure materials is a great way to update those old standbys, including your jeans. Bonus points for wearing a bit of fluorescent yellow with your classic plaid. 



Denim Dan





The Rufus Sherpa-Lined Organic Denim Jacket, The Tyler Skinny-Fit Jean, vintage Yoji Yamamoto shirt


Yeah yeah, the ol' Canadian Tuxedo. Har-har. Double denim takes a lot of criticism, but it's an undeniably strong look! The only rule is to make sure that your denim jacket (or shirt) is not the same shade as your jeans. Contrast is key. To take a bit of the focus off of your love of denim, mix in an interesting, patterned shirt. We opted for a vintage button-up featuring some colourful, painted florals to help draw the eye. 



A little bit country




The Miles Straight-Fit Jean, Crewneck Pocket T-Shirt, Washed Cotton Dad Cap, vintage Miu Miu western shirt, Salomon hiking boots


Denim conjures a few images – Joey Ramone careening down the Bowery in 1980s New York, Brittney and Justin's red carpet twinning, but no image is more iconic than that of the cowboy. With dark denim as the anchor, a vintage western shirt paired with the right shoes and accessories (hiking boots and a dad cap) comes off as workwear more than playing dress up. To this, we say, yee-haw!


Black jeans, all outfits





The Gordon Athletic Fit Jean, The Airy Summer Crewneck Sweater, vintage Lemaire sweater, waterproof iPhone bag


Black jeans – the unruly cousin to classic blue denim. They've always had an edge to them – but yet, they're just as versatile as the blues. In fact, they are the foundation from which to take a few risks, get a little crazy, and be an all-around badass. Try some interesting layering, mix in a few outrageous accessories – there is no actual limit to what you can pull off with black jeans as your base. 






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Styling: Antonina Kallaur

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