Clean and classic: white sneaker style
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How to wear white sneakers

Clean and classic: white sneaker style

Words— Gregory David

White sneakers have been a wardrobe for a minute now. Think The Ramones and their beat up white tennis shoes, or Run DMC and their pristine white shelltoes. They are classic. They are adaptable. They are as reliable as your favorite pair blue of jeans, or your trusty dog that you spill your darkest, drunkest secrets to. They are like a blank canvas asking to be painted on. The possibilities and combinations are almost endless. So whether you’re in a band nobody’s ever heard of, or you’re the CEO of a well-established tech company, we’ll show you that white sneakers can be the perfect punctuation at the end of your outfit’s statement.


The sneaker market is saturated with choices upon choices of white sneakers for both men and women. From time tested and wallet-friendly shoes like the Reebok Classics, Nike Air Force 1’s, and Vans Old Skools, or our own Park Leather Low Tops or canvas sneakers to those offered by European fashion houses, there are so many greats to choose from in any and every style and price point. Although your budget, values, personal flair and most likely your significant other will all have a say in which pair of white sneakers you’ll end up investing in, perhaps the more important question to be answered is what clothes you’ll be pairing your future shoes with, and what look you are hoping to either maintain or someday achieve.



With all this in mind, here are a few ways in which you can begin to style white sneakers to suit your personal needs, no matter the setting or occasion.



Formal and profesh




Full or Partial Suit


A full suit is hardly ever a bad idea. Paired with clean minimal white sneakers and no-show socks, this look tells the world that you think business and style aren’t mutually exclusive entities. Perfect for: Your cool office 9 to 5, but also the bar 5 to 9 (and beyond).  




Business casual


You can also take the mixing a step further by blending formal elements such as button up shirts, suit pants, or blazers with more casual elements such as bombers, hats, jeans or khakis in order to pull off a sleek look that teeters the line between professionalism and comfort.








Double denim


If business suits and formality aren’t quite your walk of life, then you can always throw on a a pair of jeans in any shade or even go full Canadian tuxedo and pair it with a casual white sneaker like a pair of Vans or Chuck Taylor’s. We encourage you to try white sneakers with all kinds of denim centric outfits, i.e. rolled up selvedge jeans with a mint hoodie and white New Balance 574’s, a dark jean jacket with jogger bottomed khakis and Stan Smith’s, distressed denim pants with a red flannel and Reebok Classics.






Whether or not you plan on going for a jog, the athleisure look could be for you. It’s a craze that cannot be denied. It’s comfort meets fashion in the best way possible. Slim and tapered jogging pants with matching dri-release hoodies or crew necks, look good and keep you cooler than your average t-shirt. This look goes well with almost every white sneaker and can fool anybody into thinking that you’re either really fashionable, or just heading to the gym in style.




There are an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to wearing and styling white sneakers. We’ve only just outlined a select few, but we believe that through their versatility and timelessness, that no matter who you are and what you stand for, you’ll be able to find the right look and fit for both you and your feet.


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