7 times Mickey Mouse got a fit off
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A history of Mickey Mouse's best style

7 times Mickey Mouse got a fit off

Words— Marc Richardson

Did you know that Mickey Mouse was originally conceived as an anti-hero? Neither did I. I also wasn’t aware that Mickey was an absolute unit when it came to getting fits off. I thought that he was always wearing those damned yellow shoes and red shorts — and I did find it weird that he was never wearing a top, but whatever, he’s a fictional mouse. It turns out that every now and then, Mickey is wont to break out some jawnz. There may even be some that we are pining to try for ourselves…but nobody needs to know that.





Deadhead Mickey Mouse



Disney released a whole bunch of limited edition Mickey Mouse collectibles this summer and Mickey came through in that Grateful Dead-inspired tie-dye. It was perfect timing, too, considering that tie-dye has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts, as have the Grateful Dead and their loyal Deadheads, who are widely associated with the aesthetic movement. Layering the tie dye shorts over some nice indigo denim is an advanced sartorial maneuver that we wouldn’t recommend for the faint of heart, but then again, Mickey Mouse can pretty much do what he wants — he has enough clout to go around.





Tracksuit Mickey Mouse



Not only did Mickey win a gold medal at his own Sport-Y-Thon — which may raise some questions the integrity of the competition — but he absolutely crushed the field when it came to his outfit. Somehow, he showed up wearing a Maison Margiela tracksuit from Autumn/Winter 2017 before it even existed and in a world where Martin Margiela doesn’t even exist. All jokes aside, his outfit was on point. The red tracksuit with contrasting white stripes down the sleeves and pants that match both the oversized white zipper and his classic white gloves. He even broke out some fresh kicks, with a white shell toe and red side panels, to match his outfit!



Goth-ninja Mickey Mouse



Seriously, where in the Disney universe is Mickey Mouse shopping? He pulled up to Kingdom Hearts absolutely dripping in what appeared to be a mix of Rick Owens and Chrome Hearts, which was apt given the venue. If there were street style photographers they would have taken an infinite amount of pictures of Mickey and his outfit as he strolled up. The goth ninja look stands in stark contrast to the wholesome-looking Mickey that most know, but it definitely fits with the whole anti-hero identity that he was originally supposed to have. It makes you wonder if there’s the Mickey that everyone knows and the Mickey who spends hours scouring the globe for the rarest dark fashion jawnz to add to a collection that we don’t know about…





Camp Mickey Mouse



While Camp may be the theme of the 2019 Met Gala, Susan Sontag’s Camp is vastly different from Mickey Mouse’s camp look. While Sontag’s view of Camp is synonymous with kitsch — or “extra” as the kids say — Mickey’s definition of camp was decidedly utilitarian. The overshirt with the sleeves rolled up to his biceps, the brown leather gloves with a compass built into the wrist strap, the bucket hat (!!!) and, the piece de résistance, a neon orange T-shirt layered under his overshirt that matched his world socks. This would be a look worthy of the cover of GO OUT or any of Japan’s finest menswear magazines. He’s worn similar outfits before, including in The Lost Treasure of Maroon, but they haven’t been as utilitarian-driven as Safari Mickey.





Italian Mickey Mouse



Dressing up in local garb can be a risky endeavour when travelling. It’s easy to come across as some pompous, appropriating a-hole, or misunderstand small details and idiosyncrasies. But Mickey Mouse absolutely killed it in O Sole Minnie with the Venetian-inspired outfit. The blue and white horizontal striped T-shirt was nice, but the little hat was really something! Plus, he just oozes a certain swagger or, as the Italians say, sprezz. It reminded me of peak hashtag-menswear, when a rapper, D-WHY, released a music video for a song called Macchiato Music, an ode of sorts to sprezzatura — which is essentially what O Sole Minnie is for Mickey.





Winter Mickey Mouse



The optimal weather for dressing — objectively speaking — is when it’s cold out. The possibilities are almost endless when it’s cold out, whether it’s wearing jackets, or layering an endless array of pieces on top of one another. Personally, I live for when the temperature is between -10 and 10 — that’s perfect weather. Mickey Mouse, too, appears to prefer that range, whether it’s so that he can throw a scarf on when he goes carolling or opt for a red wool jacket and grey trousers when chopping down a Christmas tree. The lumberjack look is particularly strong and the red hunter’s cap that rounds out the look really drives home Mickey’s love for headwear.



Greaser Mickey Mouse



If Hedi Slimane took over the creative direction of Disney, you could sagely bet that his version of Mickey Mouse would closely resemble Mickey in Kingdom Hearts III. Mickey was wearing a leather biker jacket, with grey and black plaid trimming — trimming that also appeared on his cargo shorts. Even his shoes were darker than usual. Altogether, the look seemed like it was something you’d see on your favourite Hollywood bad boy or debaucherous rock star. Maybe Hedi Slimane has been influenced by Mickey Mouse all these years and not LA-area parties of the ‘80s and ‘90s.


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